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Professions – The Shepherd
Heidi’s Epic Journey; by Petra Fyde

Just how far can monsters be herded? To try to find some answer to this I sent my stealth shepherd to undertake a journey, here is her travelogue.

Greetings fellow Sosarians, my name is Heidi Ninfel and I’m a shepherd. Here is the tale of my journey around the land of Ilshenar.

I started my journey at the Moongate just outside Skara Brae. Here’s the first of the snapshots I took along the route.


From there I proceeded to Chaos gate and made my way past the hell hounds and earth elementals till I found my intended partner for the journey in ruined Montor. I kept myself hidden so as not to alarm any of the residents and whispered gently in his ear. He agreed to accompany me.


I lead my charge through the ruins taking care not to disturb the other inhabitants, though the lava serpents did bruise me a bit, till I reached the pass at the western end


Travelling through the pass and onward, we paused for a moment at the entrance to the Ancient Wyrm’s lair. He’s a grumpy individual though, so I decided not to visit.


Moving on, our next pause for a photo opportunity was with Petrus the Beekeeper, just east of the gypsy camp. He’s much more friendly than the ancient wyrm, and though I stayed hidden, he and the dragon got along just fine.


Leaving Petrus, we travelled past the gypsys, the orcs and an odd skeleton to pause once more at the bridge to the ancient citadel


However, that way led back the way we came, I didn’t want to go there, so I decided not to cross the bridge and headed along the beach past air elementals, imps and dread spiders


There’s a windy pass at the end, past a wall and some wyverns and harpies, it leads to another bridge.


Crossing the bridge took us to the forest of the trolls, spiders and reapers by the spider cave. We passed those and moved onwards, pausing for a while for a short chat with Lissbet the flowergirl. No staff at the inn to serve us with a bite of food and a drink though.


Leaving Lissbet we pressed on, though the dragon’s wings seemed to be getting tired, either that or he kept getting them caught on the trees. He stopped for a short snack. Oh dear! Poor pixie.


Deciding my companion might not be too welcome in Lakeshire, I carefully circled around it. The meer probably wouldn’t like his big muddy footprints in the lawn and he might damage the houses with his wings.


Passing by the dire wolves, we reached, and passed Healer’s Grove without incident.  I wasn’t sure if they would object to my large companion, but they were all at the other side of the grove and didn’t notice us.


We had a little trouble at a point in the pass, some kind of invisible obstacle, but we moved on and arrived past the imps and reapers at Justice gate.I suppose I should have taken him for a look at the dock, but we had just passed the lake and he’d no need to drink.


My companion being unable to pass through the gate, we continued our journey along the road, through the next narrow pass, to the bridge outside Mistas.  I decided not to take him into town.


After we crossed the bridge we turned North, following the road past one of the entrances to Ankh. A wandering Juka insisted on being in shot. How rude!


Our next pause for breath, and photo shoot, was just outside the ratman’s untidy mansion. Such a messy lot they are!  I didn’t want to go visit them, so we moved on again.


Almost to our destination, we paused one more time at the bandit town. There was no one there I wanted to stop and chat with, so we set off again on the final leg of the journey.


Finally I found one of my charge’s younger cousins and left them to chat. I don’t think anyone will notice one extra greater dragon there, do you?  We could have gone further I suppose, but it seemed like a good idea to leave my companion with his relatives and friends.


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