Evaluate Intelligence

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Evaluate Intelligence
Updated by Petra Fyde; May 2009

Evaluate Intelligence Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Evaluate Intelligence?

if you plan on casting offensive spells you do. Without evaluate intelligence, your spells will most of the time do less than 10 damage.
Mind blast and poison will be your only non-summon offensive spells without evaluate intelligence.

What Spells are affected by Evaluate Intelligence?

Almost all offensive spells (barring Mind blast and poison), as well as every spell that has anything to do with resisting spells (again, poison not included), meaning, every curse-type (as well as bless-type) spell, paralyze and mana draining spells.

Evaluate Intelligence Discussion

About the skill “Evaluate Intelligence”. This skill is, simply put, the skill that allows a mage to function offensively. Without it, your spells will most of the time (barring Mind blast as outlined in the magery discussion) do less than 10 damage. Without Evaluate Intelligence, your magery skill will be nothing but heals, mind blasts, poisons and summons. Even bless and curse type spells rely on Evaluate Intelligence for their powers.

The damage bonus for evaluate intelligence can be determined through this formula: ((Evaluate Intelligence * 3) / 100) + 1.

For example, if you have 105.0 Evaluate Intelligence, your base damage would be increase by ((105 * 3) / 100) + 1 which would be 4.15. Essentially, your damage would be quadrupled, and that before any other damage source was added to your spells.

Similarly, the stat effect spells (Bless and Curse type spells) are determined solely by Evaluate Intelligence. They work like this:

  • Bless stat spells : (Your Evaluate Intelligence)/10 + 1 = Percentage Increase
  • Curse stat spells : 8 + (Your Evaluate Intelligence)/10 – (Targets Resisting Spells)/10 = Percentage Reduction

A couple of examples to show how this works.

Example 1) You have 80.0 Evaluate Intelligence, and 90 Intelligence, and cast “Cunning” on yourself.

So, plotting in the numbers for the bless stat spells, we get: (80.0/10 + 1) = 9% Increase. We then apply that to the Intelligence score, and get: (90+9%) = 98(.1, but it rounds down). Your new temporary intelligence score is 98.

Example 2) You have 100.0 Evaluate Intelligence, and your opponent has 95 Strength and 90.0 Resisting Spells, and you cast “Weaken” on your opponent.

Once again, plotting in the numbers, this time for curse stat spells, we get: (8 + 100.0/10 – 90.0/10) = 9%. Then we apply those numbers to your opponent, and get: (95-9%) = 86(.45, but again, rounded down). Your opponent is now down to 86 strength temporarily.

Gaining Evaluate Intelligence

The evaluate intelligence skill is, these days, primarily gained “passively” through spell casting. It is vitally important to understand that any spell in the magery spell book has the exact same chance of gaining evaluate as any other spell. There is no difference at all. As with the two other distinct mage skills, this skill does, however, require you to move around due to an anti-macro code on the passive gains. So, if you’re solely looking for gains in evaluate intelligence, your best bet is most likely the 1st circle spell “magic arrow”, as it only takes 1 sulphurous ash and 4 mana to cast. You may want to, if you’re hunting, actively evaluate everything you combat, as it will provide a gain once in a while. That is really all there is to raising evaluate; this skill is very likely to cause you skill gain walls though, because there is simply nothing you can do to make it “harder” to succeed in a gain check. You just have to work through them, or rely on the Guaranteed Gain System to break through the wall.

Skill Response to INT Conversion
Skill Response Target’s INT
“It looks smarter than a rock, but dumber than a piece
of wood”
“Slightly less intelligent than a rock.” 1-9
“Fairly Stupid.” 10-19
“Not the brightest.” 20-29
“About Average.” 30-39
“Moderately intelligent.” 40-49
“Very intelligent.” 50-59
“Extremely intelligent.” 60-69
“Extraordinarily intelligent.” 70-79
“Like a formidable intellect, well beyond even the extraordinary.” 80-89
“Like a definite genius.” 90-99
“Superhumanly intelligent in a manner you cannot comprehend.” 100+
From an Evaluating Intelligence skill level of 76 you will also see the mana level of the target displayed as a percentage of it’s maximum level, for example “This being is at 100% mental strength”.
* Non-living objects (obviously) fall into the category of having no Intelligence.
Having a high Anatomy and Evaluate Intelligence skill helps dodging blows in empty-handed combat.
Evaluate Intelligence is also involved in calculating the potential damage done by spellcasters. For more information about the effects Evaluate Intelligence has on spell damage, go here.

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