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Detect Hidden
updated March 2010
Finding Hidden People
  • The radius of detection is based on your “Detect Hidden” skill, expanding up to almost the full screen for a grandmaster.
  • Your chances of finding a hidden player depend on the relationship between your Detect Hidden skill and their Hiding skill. You can expect to be totally unable to find a grandmaster hider if you are just a neophyte in the skill.
  • Hidden player who have been detected can not rehide/invis for a duration based on their hiding or magery skill.
  • House owners will be able to instantly reveal anyone hidden in their house, regardless of skill level, on the grounds that they know their house better than any stranger. You cannot gain skill by using Detect Hidden inside your own house.
  • Having a high Detect Hidden skill helps to automatically reveal people that stealth in your vincinity.
  • Raising Detect Hidden from 0 can be very cumbersome, it is advisable to buy the skill up to 30 before you start your training.
  • The Detect Hidden skill also helps you when you are using the Tracking skill and when you use the Reveal spell.
  • All human characters have Jack of all Trades of 20 Detect Hidden
  • All elven characters have a racial bonus increased chance to passively Detect Hidden.
  • Passive Detect Hidden is not active in Siege Perilous rulesets.
Trapped Containers
  • Spawning or Static Boxes, Chests, Crates, Barrels and Kegs can be trapped. (Rule of thumb: If it is a container, it might be trapped)
  • Crafted, lockable containers can be trapped by a tinker. These include
    • Wooden box
    • All 3 sizes of crate
    • Wooden chest
    • Plain wooden chest
    • Ornate wooden chest
    • Gilded wooden chest
    • Wooden footlocker
    • Finished wooden chest
  • To see if a container is trapped place it on the floor and use the Detect Hidden skill on the container or on the floor next to it. If the container is trapped and the skill is successful the words “[trapped]” will appear over it.
  • The 3 types of container traps are displayed with a color when detected.- Purple for explosion traps.- Blue for dart traps or dart & explosion traps– Green for poison traps, poison & dart traps, poison & explosion traps or poison & dart & explosion traps (ouch!).
  • Container traps can do up to 150 points of damage.
  • Using the detect hidden skill inside a house you own will search for hidden people instead of detecting traps.
  • Tip: Use Detect Hidden several times on a container to really make sure it is not trapped, you may miss the trap in the first tries.
Dungeon Traps
  • All dungeons can spawn the following traps at random locations: Floor saw trap, floor spike trap, poison gas trap and exploding mushroom trap. The deeper you descend into a dungeon, the more powerful the traps will be.
  • Freestanding traps in dungeons are invisible until detected, and when found become visible to all.
  • Dungeon traps can do up to 60 points of damage.
  • At higher skill levels, merely coming close to simpler dungeon traps will result in “trap here” appearing over the invisible trap. Only the player with high skill will see these messages, though! The trap must be revealed by using the Remove Trap skill for others to see it
  • Revealed dungeon traps will disappear after a few minutes.
Faction Traps
  • Using detect hidden on a faction trap will reveal the trap for one full minute globally, so that anyone within range can see the trap during that minute. This allows for faction members using a trap they own to have the opportunity to show their fellow faction mates the location of the trap.



Last modified: September 25, 2011

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