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Updated by Petra Fyde, October 2009

  • Stonecrafting is a skill that can only be learned by Grandmaster Carpenters
  • This skill does not cost any skill points, and has no effect on the skill cap
  • To learn how to craft stone a GM Carpenter must read the book “Making Valuables With Stonecrafting”
  • The book “Making Valuables With Stonecrafting” can be bought from Gargoyle Stone Crafters in Royal City, Ter Mur
  • The book costs about 10,000 gold
  • The book will be destroyed after it has been read by a GM Carpenter
  • Mallet and chiselsTo create stone items, you need to use a tool called ‘mallet and chisels’
  • Mallet and chisels can be bought from Gargoyle Shopkeepers for a few gold pieces
  • Mallet and chisels do wear out, just like pickaxes and shovels
  • You can select to make stone items in various shades, if you are carrying the right shades of granite on you
  • To create different colored stone items, make sure you select the color you want from the Stonecrafting menu
  • To craft an item from colored granite, you will notice an arrow and selection on the bottom left of your menu. The button should say NORMAL by default. Hit that arrow
    to select a different style granite, such as Valorite, Verite, etc.
  • Stone tables are created as a deed
  • Colored stone table deeds show the color of the granite used
  • Granite is mined my miners
  • Only weapons and armor made with Stonecrafting may carry a maker’s mark
  • Weapons and armor crafted in colored granite will have the same bonus properties as armor pieces crafted by a blacksmith from the equivelant metal (eg items made from gold ingots have 40 luck as a property, items made from gold granite will also have 40 luck)
  • Plain stone armor, or monster loot stone armor, can be enhanced with colored stone. Bonuses will be the same as those given by the equivelant metal.
  • Runic mallet and chisels are a rare reward from the three quest givers at the Ter Mur Soulforge (normal reward being an imbuing power scroll).
Stonecrafting Items
Decorative and Furniture Item Granite Success Rate Armor and Weapon Item Granite Success Rate

1 95% Gargish Stone Arms Gargish Stone Arms 8 87.4%

Large Vase
3 95% gargish stone chestGargish Stone Chest 12 90%
Stone Chair 4 90% gargish stone legsGargish Stone Legs 10 82.4%
Medium Stone Table 6 70% Gargish Stone KiltGargish Stone Kilt 6 100%
Large Stone Table 9 50% gargish stone armsGargish Stone Arms 8 87.4%

Small Statue (facing south)
3 80% gargish stone chestGargish Stone Chest 12 70%

Small Statue ( facing north)
3 80% gargish stone letsGargish Stone Legs 10 82.4%

Small Statue (facing east)
3 80% Gargish stone kiltGargish Stone Kilt 6 100%

Stone Anvil
20 36.7% Large Stone ShieldLarge Stone Shield1 poison Resist, strength 40 16 90%

Pegasus Statue
4 60% Stone amulet Gargish Stone Amulet 3 90%

Tower Sculpture
3 36% Stone War SwordStone War Sword 18 90%

Small Urn
2 36% Note: Colored stone gives the same material bonuses as the equivalent ingot type (eg gold stone gives 40 luck)Base resist for each piece of Stone armor except the amulet is:Physical resist – 6Fire resist – 6

Cold resist – 4

Poison resist – 8

Energy resist – 6.

Strength requirement – 40.

gargish painting Gargish Painting 3 34%
Gargish Sculpture Gargish Sculpture 4 36% Ritual Table 8 94.7%
Gargish Vase Gargish Vase 4 40% Gargoyle Statue 20 91%
Gargish Large Bed*Large Gargish Bed
(100 cloth)
60.6% Gryphon Statue 16 91%
gargish cot *Gargish Cot

(100 cloth)


*Requires 75 tailoring skill

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