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By Petra Fyde, March 2010

Armslore grants a bonus to exceptionally crafted weapons and armor (but not shields) at a rate of 1% per 20 points of armslore. (1% per 12.5 points on Siege Perilous and Mugen) Maximum 5% (8% Siege/Mugen)

On weapons this bonus is applied to the damage increase property, meaning at GM armslore an exceptionally crafted weapon will have a damage increase of 40% (43%)

On armor the bonus is applied to resists and is spread randomly: eg at GM armslore the bonus to resists is 5% (8%), these could be applied all to one resist or split between several.

The skill is used in two ways:

  • Passive use, armslore skill is checked when crafting any weapon or armor (Skills listed above)
  • Direct use, using the blue button from the skill list, an icon pulled from the skill list, or a macro ‘use skill – armslore’

Direct use:

Using the skill on a weapon or piece of armor, if successful, results in the message “You study the item in an attempt to learn more of its craftsmanship and use.”

Using the skill on an armored swamp dragon’s barding results in one of the following messages.

“The dragon’s barding is in perfect condition.”
“The dragon’s barding is still in very good condition.”
“The dragon’s barding is damaged but still functional.”

“The dragon’s barding is badly damaged and will need to be replaced soon.”

Last modified: February 11, 2013

2 Comments to “Armslore”

  1. From my understanding for ever 20 skill points you have of Arms Lore, when you create an exceptional weapons (bow included) it will add 1%bonus. So if your Arms Lore is at 100 skill points than you would receive a 5% bonus on the weapon or armour (not shields).

  2. Nicholas says:

    Does the arms lore skill effect the quality of bows made with the bowcraft/fletching skill?


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