Animal Lore

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Animal Lore
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The animal lore skill has 3 distinct functions. Used actively through the skill gump (or a macro) it will give detailed information about a pet, or if the character’s skill is high enough, a tameable or wild creature. Used passively in conjunction with veterinary skill it contributes to determining amount healed and the chance to cure or ressurect the pet. Used passively in conjunction with taming skill it contributes to determining the level of control the tamer character has over his pet.

Active Use of Animal Lore

  • Characters with less than 100.0 skill points can view the statistics of any tamed creature – low skill may require several attempts.
  • Characters with between 100.0 and 109.9 skill can view the statistics of an tameable creature.
  • Characters with 110.00 skill or above can view the statistics of any creature.

To obtain information about a creature click the blue button in the skills list and target the creature, or set a macro ‘use skill, animal lore’ The following information is revealed via a gump:

  • Attributes
    • Hit points – current and maximum
    • Stamina – current and maximum
    • Mana – current and maximum
    • Strength
    • Dexterity
    • Intelligence
    • Barding Difficulty
  • Loyalty Rating – see the chart below
  • Resitances – percentage of incoming damage blocked, by damage type
  • Damage type – percentage of each attack that is dealt to the opponent’s resistances
  • Base Damage
  • Combat Ratings – competency in the 5 combat skills: Wrestling, Tactics, Resisting Spells, Anatomy, Poisoning
  • Lore and Knowledge – competency in the 3 magic related skills, Magery, Evaluate Intelligence and Meditation
  • Preferred Food
  • Pack Instinct

Animal Lore with Veterinary Skill

Animal lore works in conjunction with veterinary in the same way as anatomy works with healing. It contributes to determing the number of hit points healed:

Min_Healed=(lore / 5) + (vet / 5) + 3
Max_Healed=(lore / 5) + (vet / 2) + 10
Amount Healed=random (Min_Healed, Max_Healed) + (pet’s max HP / 100)

A tamer with over 60 skill in both Animal Lore and Veterinary has a chance to cure poison. A tamer with over 80 skill points in both skills has a chance to resurrect a bonded pet.

Animal Lore with Taming Skill

Animal lore works in conjunction with taming to determine the tamer’s chance to control his/her pets and to maintain its loyalty level. Commands that are obeyed raise loyalty level, commands that are ignored lower it. It is a wise tamer who learns to recognise the refusal ‘bark’ of his pet. Feeding the pet immediately rasies its loyalty level to maximum and is the recommended method of restoring loyalty if there is any danger of further commands being ignored, thus lowering loyalty further.

Loyalty Levels
Loyalty Rating Level
Wonderfully happy Extremely high
Extremely happy Very high
Very Happy High
Rather Happy Good
Happy good
Content Neutral
Content, I suppose Neutral
Unhappy Low
Rather unhappy Low
Extremely Unhappy Very low
Confused Extremely low
Note: A confused pet is in imminent danger of becoming wild

Control Chance

The tamer’s chance to control his/her pet can by found by using the Tameable Animals page, it is calculated as follows:

1. tamingBonus = difficultyModifier * (taming skill – pet difficulty)
2. loreBonus = difficultyModifier * (taming skill – pet difficulty)
3. skillBonus = (tamingBonus + loreBonus) / 2
Control chance:
Final control chance % = 70 + skillBonus;

The difficulty Modifier above depends on the difference between your skill and the pet’s difficulty. The difficulty modifier is applied independently to each skill and then that result is averaged. This gives us the ability to give more importance to taming than lore, while still requiring you to have a significant investment in both skills to control high level pets. The way that modifiers are picked is as follows:

Difficulty Modifiers:
6 – if (taming/lore skill – pet difficulty) is positive (i.e. if taming/lore skill is greater than the pet’s difficulty)
28 – if (taming skill – pet difficulty) is negative (i.e. if your taming is less than the pet’s difficulty)
14 – if (lore skill – pet difficulty) is negative (i.e. if your lore is less than the pet’s difficulty)

Example: A player with 93 taming and 100 lore trying to control a dragon which has a difficulty of 93.9:

  • Step 1 – Finding the skill / pet difficulty difference for each skill:
    • Taming – Pet Difficulty = 93 – 93.9 = -0.9
    • Lore – Pet Difficulty = 100 – 93.9 = 6.1
  • Step 2 – Finding the modifiers for both skills
    • Taming difference is negative, so the taming modifier is 28 (would be 6 if it were positive)
    • Lore difference is positive, so the Lore modifier is 6 (would have been 14 if it were negative)
  • Step 3 – Applying the modifiers to each skill bonus
    • Taming bonus = 28 * -0.9 = -25.2
    • Lore bonus = 6 * 6.1 = 36.6
  • Step 4 – Averaging the two bonuses:
    • skillBonus = (-25.2 + 36.6) / 2 = 5.7
  • Step 5 – Finding the control chance
    • Control Chance = 70 + 5.7 = 75.7%

This, of course, assumes that the dragon is at max loyalty.

In essence this means that the tamer needs to have both taming and lore very close to the pet’s difficulty in order to control it. However, there is more room for having slightly lower lore than there is for having less taming.

Preferred Food

Feeding your pet is an excellent way to maintain its loyalty level and the animal lore gump will tell you what to feed it. Here is a rough guide on what to feed some of the most popular pets.

Feeding Information
Lore Message Includes Example Pets
Fish fish steaks (uncooked), whole fish, big fish, small fish, magic fish*fish steaks carved from sea serpents are considered to be ‘meat’ Polar Bear, Walrus, Bake Kitsune
Fruit & Vegetalbes All fruits and vegetables Horse, llama, ostard, ridgeback, rune beetle, cu sidhe, unicorn, ki-rin
Hay sheaves of hay chicken
Grain sheaves of hay, ears of corn (some only) chicken
Leather leather, leather items & Hides Unknown
Metal all metal items Unknown
Eggs raw eggs Unknown
Meat All cooked and uncooked meat (except cooked ribs), also body parts.*fish steaks carved from sea serpents are considered to be meat Giant beetle, fire beetle, swamp dragon, dragon, white wyrm, nightmare, reptalon, hiryu.
Crops all vegetable items Unknown

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