Siege Perilous: Where things ALWAYS go bump in the night.

November 04, 2011 By: Luka Melehan Category: Siege Perilous News

When I think back on my years in Siege Perilous, my favorite memories are not quests, champs, faction play or even EM events. Its player events. Ladies Night Out was my first and still remains my favorite. Then there were the recurring story nights and werewolf nights. It never ceases to amaze me how players can creatively use this game to make new activites. The felucca ruleset means you never know whats going to happen. Orc Thanksgiving can be turned into a race to get back that turkey leg back from some PK. Or a third team can disrupt and thus change the rules of an organized game.

My point is, creativity and spontineity makes the perfect environment for memorable player ran events.

The other day I spoke briefly with OldAsTheHills about his coming Halloween event. I commented that he seemed to have accepted the fact that there would be PK activity at his event. He said, “PKing occurs….I remain mostly a pacifist….I do not interfere with other player’s activities. But we are not here just to be PKer’s victims.”

In keeping with this, OldAsTheHills created a list of possible activities and remained open to players who would come and go as thier schedules allowed, and the expected PK activity. He gave us many ideas of possible dress up ideas that would fit in with some of these activities. Here are some of the things he had in mind.

Music and Dancing.
Archery and Musical Chair Archery
Ghost story telling while thieves stole from our packs.
The Spanish Inquisition, which would include torture and hopefully, a burning.
Pirates would get drunk and duel.
An attack of the Cybermen.
Trick or Treating among the guests.
The Regatta of Death.

I really enjoyed the way this event was put together. As the population of our shard fluxuates, this still allowed for fun to be had, regardless of who showed up, for how long. The activities were loosely planned and carried out and creative in the sense that they were enjoyable by all regardless of skillsets and experience. This event will definately sit with other very memorable times had here in Siege Perilous.

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