Sherry The Mouse Makes An Appearance

January 13, 2012 By: Kylie Kinslayer Category: Atlantic News






More than a few Atlantic citizens had already noticed the appearance of Crux Ansata Guards standing watch throughout the land. Rumors and speculation ran rampant as to why they had been called into action. More than a few of those included keeping our banks safe from a certain infamous thief. Those rumors according to Sherry would turn out to hold a certain amount of truth to them. In her travels she had ran across a man proclaiming to be the King of Thieves. The man went on to boast about having guards in his pocket. When Sherry reported this back to Lady Danica Amandine, Field Marshall for The Knights of the Crux Ansata, she immediately dispatched troops that could indeed be trusted.


Sherry, being a mouse of the people, wanted to stroll about town and check on everyone’s wellbeing. Our travels with her eventually led us to Trinsic where she discovered the town had been abandoned by its Army. The barracks were empty, the mess halls deserted. This caused enough concern for Sherry she felt she needed to report the activities to Lady Amandine immediately.


When word reached her ears, let’s just say she seemed less than pleased. Her troops were already spread thin, but you could tell by the intensity of her face she knew not to leave Trinsic unguarded. She had already left Magincia and Yew in the capable hands of their own militia but still she seemed to need more bodies to guard our land. During her thinking she indicated in the near future it may come down to US, the people of Atlantic to each pick ONE town to help defend.


Like things were not tense enough, and the forces already spread too thin, word of the destruction of Lord Blackthorn’s Castle began to swirl. Wanting to see the ruins with her own eyes, the fair Lady mounted up and everyone else quickly followed suit. Just a short walk from the Ilshenar Honor moongate, and a quick climb over the rockslide blocking the path everyone witnessed first hand the annihilation of what was once a towering, sprawling fortress. Bodies littered the ground, the stench of burnt plants and rotting flesh filled the air. Searching as best we could, no visible signs could be found to indicate who perpetrated such carnage.


Falling back across the rockslide to safety and away from the savages who seemed to be unscathed, Lady Amandine was visibly shaken and for the first time since I have know her, speechless. As the stark reality gripped her she laid out what is surely the best laid plan at this time. While she seeks the counsel of Simeon and Adamu, we are to remain vigilant and on guard. She urged all in attendance to concentrate on the cities as not a one of them should be allowed to fall.


Through all the events that unfolded, she seemed the most apprehensive when talk turned to her letting Sherry the Mouse know about the destruction of the Castle. Most everyone agreed Sherry would be rather disturbed by the news. One thing is certain, once word hits Sherry’s ears she will be scurrying about the land trying to get any piece of information she can, along with warning anyone in earshot. Be on the look out for our little friend as you go about your travels. In addition keep a watch out on , and


Safe Travels, and may the Virtues Guide us all through this time….

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