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ATLANTIC—One of Atlantic’s enduring establishments will soon be returning to  the city of Luna. A Blind Man’s Outlet, founded in 2007, is known for its  consistent supply of needful goods, available for purchase at affordable prices.  The Outlet has sold its wares in several locations over the years, perhaps most  notably at the historic Treasure Trove. After a brief period in Zento, the shop  is now returning to its original plot in Luna and is scheduled to open on  Sunday, 11 October 2009.
In anticipation of the Outlet’s Luna re-opening, I sat down with the Outlet’s  proprietor, A Blind Man, a.k.a. Static, to learn more about his  establishment.
A Blind Man took a break from UO in late 2008. My first question to him was,  “What brought you back?”
“What would my customers DO without ME?” he joked.
Like many former players, A Blind Man found it difficult to forget about  UO.
“I would be at work and would think about UO,” he recalled. “I just said,  enough is enough. I started back up my account and within 24 hours and [with]  help from some VERY good friends, I was able to start ‘The Outlet’ again!”
Although the Outlet has appeared in several different locations, it has  managed to garner a loyal customer base. I wanted to know, “What makes the  Outlet stand out above the others?”
“Consistency,” said A Blind Man. “Simple as that. EVERY week I have the same  items, the same prices, and usually the same location. UO Players demand that –  they love finding their goods at a reasonable price.”
Most Atlantians know A Blind Man for his business ventures, but others  remember him for his more devious exploits: a few of his adventurers as a  professional pickpocket are published on UOThief.com. I asked A Blind Man if he  had any plans to return to the shadowed alleyways of Britannia.
“Well, the story is kind of ridiculous. I played with the great Chad  Sexington and Tony Emerald on Siege and Atlantic, and I posted a few stories and  loved it. But real issues kept me from focusing my attention on it.”
In light of real-life concerns, he was unable to continue with THIEF.  Instead, he decided to try his hand as a full-time merchant.
“I jumped ship and developed my personality, ‘A Blind Man,’ who actually has  no crafting or merchant ability. I happened to have another great character  named ‘Static’ [his merchant], who is the one that makes my UO dream  possible.”
Upon his return to UO, A Blind Man acquired a Zento house and resumed  business as usual, but when the opportunity arose to purchase his original  vendor plot in Luna, he jumped at the chance.
“While I love Treasure Trove and Zento Island, I felt that I was only serving  a certain percent of Atlantic Players,” he said. “I felt that Luna having a bad  reputation on prices would assist me in the market. I check a lot of other  vendors every day to make sure my prices are consistent and are meeting or below  market average.”
Luna vendor rentals are in high demand, due to their convenient location. I  asked A Blind Man if he planned to rent vendor spots.
“I do and they’re free! Free in Luna? No tax? Nothing? Only a few spots,  though. Get them while they last!”
Concluding our interview, I asked A Blind Man if he had any last remarks.
“Simple as this, I love UO. With all of its quirks, ups and downs, player  hardships and friendships – with all of its confusing, elaborate tasks and  demands of daily attention – I love UO,” he said. “2D/SA/KR/3rd Dawn, whatever  you call it, however you package it, market it, you can’t go to any other game  and get the same feeling.”
A Blind Man wished to add the following thank-you.
“EA/Mythic Dev Team – While I grind my teeth on certain days because of you  guys, I want to thank you guys for standing by us and keeping this great thing,  we call UO, alive. You guys don’t get the kudos from players a lot, so if you  read this, thank you!”
A Blind Man is a full-time Sherriff’s Deputy and “Closet Nerd.” He has been  playing UO since 1999. His vendor shop, A Blind Man’s Outlet, will open in Luna  on Sunday.
Directions to the new venture can be found on the Atlantic Forum under the  News Post of the same name.
Interview by Fallon Valor
A Blind Man’s Outlet


(Malas near  Luna)


A Blind  Man


Owner On Sign:


A Blind Man
Co-ordinates: 105o  54’N 24o 57’W
Visited By: Fallon Valor
Visited On: October 9, 2009
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