Several Memorials for witch

December 12, 2012 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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Several Memorials for witch



Earlier this week I posted an article about the real life passing of a long time Great

Lakes player by the name of witch. This week there were several memorials held in

her honor and I attended one of them as many people did.

Not only was the attendance high including such Great Lakes notables as, Lady FiFi

LaForge, Skye, Lady Watson, Drinyill, Lady Nadeshiko, Tossdsalads, Krasusus, Lord

Captain Murphy, Hannah, Lord ZuKa, WILLIAM WALLACE, Lord Cire, Princess

Amara, Veronica Lynn, Lord Rebelknight, Lord Thorreain. Lord CrEaPoR, Guinevere,

Tye Weatherlight, Lord Harris, Goldie, Night Striker, Jenny, Tiggermcat, her

cuteness..Lady Clair, Lord Flash, Padre, SAGARA, but also witch’s family was

watching the entire event on TV live. One of my favorite folks on the Great Lakes

shard, Charlatan A, was instrumental in making this tribute happen. witch’s real life

grandson on, B*R guild character named Star, was there to represent the family and

spoke elequently about if grandmother.



Many people, including myself, spoke of memories and insights they had about witch.

Not everyone that attended actually knew witch or dealt with her in game but wanted

to make an appearance. One such person was ONYX of the -Y- Guild. She told me, ” I 

never met the woman but wanted to be respectful. ”

Even our wonderful EMs attended the event to show compassion and support.

Below are a few screenshots from the service.

The permanent memorial display is near the home/plot witch once resided in. The

cords to that location are 123o, 51’N, 82o, 32’E if you want to show your respect. It is a

peaceful and beautiful location perfect for meditation.

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