Seven Year Old UO Player Creates A Garden

December 07, 2013 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

7 year old granddaughter kendra  KJ in game

* Lady Lava checks out the garden design by a seven year old player *

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Seven Year Old UO Player Creates A Garden

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A couple of months ago I was riding through the forest and towns looking at plots and how the creative people of Great Lakes design. After seeing so many wonderful environments I sent out a call in general chat ( actually I sent the call out three days in a row ) to see if anyone wanted me to check out their talents. One of the first to reply was Lady ELSIE. She gated me to a lovely location to show off not her design but that of her seven year old grandchild that created her own garden. Kendra known as KJ in the realm is a perfect example that it is never too young to get them hooked on UO ! Congratulations Kendra on your efforts.

The Invasions and the new dungeon have kept so many of us busy. That is the reason for my tardiness in posting these glorious gardens. Below are a few more truly amazing gardens that people gated me to. Of course the holidays are in the air now and I will be on the lookout for winter and Christmas decorated plots. If you want me to visit your creation just drop a marked rune in my Luna Manse house mailbox and I will be sure to visit



2 fairy tale


hobos garden

hobos garden two

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