Sea Dragon Sighting

January 05, 2012 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

Recent reports say that there was a Mythical Sea Dragon spotted and followed by a mob of players who were being led by Armondo Pascal.  The sea dragon was followed by boat to a small island in the northern region of the Lost Lands.  

 The island, which is usually inhabited by wyverns, was littered with some monstrous and aggressive form of dragons.  The mob of players engaged the dragons in battle but most would retreat as only one player laid claim to finishing off the dragons and clearing the island.  Where these aggressive Dragons came from and the where abouts of the original Mythical Sea Dragon is still a mystery.  The dragons that were slain dropped a special ‘dragon oil’.  This oil did not last long though as it would quickly evaporate with time if not used promptly.  If one were lucky enough to acquire the oil it could be turned in to Armondo Pascal, along with a Dragon Scale, in exchange for a shield.  The shield is infused with the scale, has a special title and I have also heard that it can be imbued.

 There were two types of pieces of dragon scales that could be handed in along with the oils to produce the shield.  One type was the black Bal-Thran scale in which only five were known to be in circulation.  The Bal-Thran scales were acquired off the corpses of the Bal-Thran Dragons which were defeated several months earlier in the infant stages of the Mythical Sea Dragon saga.  The other type of scale was the blue Mythical Sea Dragon scale which also had only five known in circulation.  These scales were a product of the sea dragon feedings that took place for several weeks when the players were attempting to breed the dragons.  Up until this point the scales seemed to have no significance other than rare loot.  The gap between the happenings with the Mythical Sea Dragons meant that some of the scales would be lost or forgotten.  So…. those who have acquired a shield must be considered very lucky as some of the pieces of dragon scale may now forever stand alone.

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