Santa Surprised on Europa

December 20, 2012 By: petra Category: Europa News


Santa got such a surprise when he arrived in Luna tonight. He’d never seen so many people waiting for him before!

With the help of his reindeer and a well loaded llama he handed out the small gifts he had brought with him.

His bag got emptier, and emptier,  and the people kept on coming!


Then he started emptying the llama’s pack, and still they came.

Till eventually, with much regret, he actually ran out of gifts!  81 gifts given out to the people of Europa.

He hurried home and rounded up his elves, now one of them stands at the Green Gargoyle Restuarant and Angry Mongbat Tavern  in Yew (57º18N 25º48W) ready to hand out more gifts to anyone who stops by to wish him Merry Christmas.


Santa would like to convey his thanks for the warm welcome he had on the shard and his regrets that he underestimated the number of people who would come to meet him.

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