Sally’s Famous Pie Shop – Grand Opening

March 05, 2012 By: Amber Witch Category: Baja News


Sally…. Pie…. Pie…. Sally….!

For at least the last two years those two words have been inseparable on Baja! And as of last Sunday even more so with the opening of Sally’s Famous Pie Shop. The shop is located in a land that is surrounded by mountains and you can only get there by magic. Bakery, restaurant and pie museum are all in one location. There were pies that most of us have never seen before, one being a Maple Leaf Pie.
At the beginning of the tour Sally thanked EM Godiva for giving her the idea of a pie shop, JINX for donating some of the pies that are in the museum and Toni Fierce for thinking up the name of the shop. After the tour Sally had planned a scavenger hunt for us. Everyone was given a book that had the items you had to find. I don’t think any two books were alike. First place winner was Dragon Lynx, Chareos won 2nd place and Glory won 3rd place. First place prize was 5 million gold!

We all were given a gift bag that included a recipe book for a “Handalf Pot Pie”. I was pretty surprised when I read the title but in reading the recipe you discover that it’s actually a recipe for building a nest that looks like a pie!

Congratulations Sally and thank you!


The following is a short video of the grand opening.

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