Salinger steps in as nomination period ends

September 08, 2013 By: Alcor Stratics Category: Siege Perilous News


A last-minute entry by Salinger the Cereal Killer as a candidate for Jhelom was the chief event of the final day of town governor nominations. Although no press release was forthcoming and Salinger has not otherwise outlined his plans, the people seemed overjoyed that they would finally be getting some representation at the highest level of government.

“I think we’d have been happy even if Minax or Mondain had applied,” said a delighted bank worker.

Although the total candidates for this term is one short of the fourteen back in June, and the electorate only has a voting choice in four cities compared to six previously, we are at least assured of a full table at the King’s Council.

The contested cities are Britain, where governor Sprago will this time square up against Hugibear the pirate; Minoc, where Possum will be up against Ladra of Barter Town; Moonglow, where incumbent Sam’s challenger this go around is York; and New Magincia, a replay of June’s contest where Morgan Ironfist overcame an early deficit to defeat Viscount Goop by thirty-three votes to eleven.

In the other cities, Jhelom and Trinsic have only single candidates, but that is one more than they had previously; Vesper sees Victim, defeated candidate last time, go unopposed; Yew has Samantha, following her 43-3 crushing of President back in June, as the only candidate; and Skara Brae sees Hoffs go unchallenged again.

With nominations officially closed, all citizens of any status can now start voting at the town stones. All candidates have been asked to provide a summary of their plans for the city this term, such as which trade deals they intend to run, so any citizens of towns with a choice of candidate may wish to wait for this information to be published before exercising their democratic right.

The final candidate list, as well as any guild affiliations, is shown below:

Hugibear (Prepare to be Boarded)
Sprago (Eye for n Eye)

Salinger (Cereal Killers)

Ladra (Barter Town Inc)
Possum (Victim’s R Us)

Sam (Eye for n Eye)

New Magincia
Morgan Ironfist (Gilfane)
Viscount Goop (Eye for n Eye)

Skara Brae
Hoffs (Gilfane)


Victim (Victim’s R Us)

Samantha (Gilfane)


This reporter is eager to make contact with both Salinger and York. Please send me a pigeon if you can help.

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