Saint Patrick’s Day on Legends

March 28, 2012 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

Emilio the Lucky Leprechaun stopped into Legends this year for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Emilio brought with him some interesting things as he danced and
*poofed* his way around Legends.  Emilio was elusive but rather friendly, a characteristic that his cousins lacked.  As most of us know catching a leprechaun leaves him no choice but to give up his gold.  Soon a complete Britannia wide search was underway as players searched for Emilio, rainbows and a pot of gold.  Players were met with Emilio’s cousins, who were rather ill tempered and did not give up there gold by simply being caught but rather by being defeated in battle.

 Finding them was sometimes difficult but getting to them was even harder as they were usually surrounded by a mob of elementals.  Large waves of players met with these crazed leprechauns and their mobs all throughout the night.  All the crazed leprechauns were eventually defeated and Emilio departed to hopefully return next year.  Hope everyone had a great Saint Patrick’s Day.

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