[RP] The Sickness in Vesper

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Dante had some poison drawn from the Red Fang Serpents that needed to be shipped to Serpents Hold. For some unfortunate reason all his ships would be busy delivering other orders until a few days after the venom samples began to deteriorate. He consulted Chelsea Dagger on who to hire for the job. She quickly recommended the Saphire Trade Company who had been operating in the North of Felucca. Chelsea sent word to their captain Yaerus and arranged a meeting the next day. 

Yaerus arrived at Red Fang Pointe. Dante Darkhearr, Chelsea Dagger, Yaerus , and unbeknownst to Yaerus was the wraith Rogal Ravenwood. They hashed out a deal in which the Saphire Trade Company would earn 70% of the profits earned by the Naja Trade Company. The other 30% would be retained as a finders fee for the work. And the Saphire Trade Conpany would be allowed to trade their products twice a month in the Southern seas of Felucca for a 10% cut of their profits going to the Naja Trade Company rather than the usual 25%. 

After discussing terms the three discussed the route as Yaerus was somewhat unfamiliar with the southern waters. It was a fairly direct route that used the strong currents coming from the South Pole. 

The next day the Saphire Trade Company packed up the crates carefully packed with the venom samples. 

Dante watched them load the crates as carefully as possible. If a single seal was broken the toxic venom samples would corrode through the rest. 

Just as the ship raised its anchor a small rat possessed by Rogal scuttled aboard and hid under a cannon. 

The first day of sailing went just fine. Most of the crew sat at the front of the ship and told stories and laughed. 

Meanwhile Rogal set his sights on possessing the captain at the helm. 

As the captain he altered the route. 

The route took them to the serpent pillar. The crew thought this was odd but had been trained not to question their captain. Rogal cast a spell to transport the ship from Felucca to…… 

….Trammel. The crew hardly knew what had happened and they continued on sailing as they had before. 

It wasn’t long after the ship ran into a fierce storm. Several of the lightning bolts struck the ship and the cargo containing the venom samples. Now that the samples where electricly charged the venom arasolized. 

Rogal did what he could to further tempt fate and began breaking the seals. 

The crew became quite ill. 

Some even died to weak to carry on sailing the ship. 

Except for Rogal who continued on his collision course for Vesper. After crashing into the docks the rats began to pick at the infected bodies as the guards arrived to clean up the accident. 

After the crash Rogal possessed several of the contaminated rats and scurried off to the various businesses and tainted their food and water. 

Now with the towns food and water supply contaminated Rogal just had to wat for the panic to set in. 


Today it has been found out that the cat Shar’Lee and Faeryl Tyr’athem have been struck by the illness in Vesper. Joseph Frostmore wants to quickly figure out where this sickness came from, due to the timing it is believed that the goblins that have come into Vesper are a cause of it due to their unsanitary lifestyle. 
Shar’Lee and Faeryl are spending some time in the healers of Vesper to try to recuperate from the sickness. The healer Daniel Lighthart had a gargish patient die from what seems to be the same illness as Shar’Lee and Faeryl, a Captains Log was with the gargoyle when he died. 


Here is a copy of the Captain’s Log found on Captain Yaerus of the Wet Wing, Saphire Trade Company, by Healer Daniel Lighthart. 

Britannian Date: 34th day of August in the 370th year of our Lord British’s Reign. ((OOC:Real Time: January 17)) 
The crew and I have loaded up the cargo bound for Serpents Hold and set sail. 

Britannian Date: 35th day of August in the 370th year of our Lord British’s Reign. ((OOC:Real Time: January 17)) 
The crew is in good spirits despite the dangerous cargo we have been charged to deliver. In my free time I have been reading up on the properties of the cargo. From what I have learned Lord Darkheart has been working with Victor Wulf, an accomplished alchemist in Serpents Hold. Their combined work will produce an antivenom for silver serpents. Thus far Victor’s work has proved that silver serpent venom is too potent. But diluting it with anything but the venom of the Red Fang Serpents results in an ineffective and weak antivenom. Thus Victor has ordered this shipment of Red Fang Serpent venom from Lord Darkheart. 

Britanian Date: 37th day of August in the 370th year of our Lord British’s Reign. ((OOC:Real Time: January 17)) 
I do not remember anything from yesterday and the crew seems wary of me. I’m not sure what happened but the cargo seems to be intact. 
This afternoon we ran into quite a storm. Some of the crates have been cracked. I think the crew is just tired. They deserve a good rest. 

Britannian Date: 38th day of August in the 370th year of our Lord British’s Reign. ((OOC:Real Time: January 17)) 
One of the crew, Amythal, has died of unknown causes. The rest are extremely weak, even my self. Something about the course we are on seems off. But I trust my tiller man. I must rest for now. 

Shipment Tracking Number: 347689 
Qt15 Large Reinforced Crates. Contents Qt3 Kegs per Crate. Volume 25 liters of Red Fang Serpent Venom per Keg. Weight 10 Stones per Keg. Weight 2 Stones per crate. Weight 15 Stones per contents of Keg. Total Weight: 1155 Stones. 

Departing: Red Fang Point 
Owner: Dante Darkheart; Owner of Naja Trade Company 
Date: Britanian Date: 34th day of August in the 370th year of our Lord British’s Reign. ((OOC:Real Time: January 17)) 

Arriving: Serpents Hold 
Recipient: Victor Wulf 
Date: Britanian Date: 36th day of August in the 370th year of our Lord British’s Reign. ((OOC:Real Time: January 17)) 

After countless days of scouring through each town for word of some rare ingredient the healer, Daniel Lightheart spoke of, Khaleesi kept optimistic as she headed for her next stop. She had left a quick note with Quacklebush, imploring him to keep watch over the town, especially with Fae so ill. Thoughts of Faeryl and Shar’Lee, Vesper’s Mayor and her dear pet, kept fueling her stamina to carry on. Taking a quick sip of the water from her flask, her eyes focus on the vast stronghold before her. Serpent’s Hold. A glimmer of hope grew in her heart as she recalled some of the findings Mr. Lightheart had shared at the healers. 

She hopped off her horse, a bit ungracefully, the weariness from her travels quite evident. She approached the nearest minter, questioning the coordinates of the nearest alchemist. Her strategy was to search each alchemist throughout the lands to gain their expertise and insight on this rare ingredient needed for the illness. 

Studying the artictecture of the massive walls as she passed under the threshold, noting the signs “Brittania Herbs” and Serpent’s Spells. The room was quiet, a lone man stood with his back to her, 

“Sir, might I have a word with you”. He turned and moved towards her. “Of course, milady, what might I assist you with”. She told him of her quest, keeping her tone low, imparting the little she knew in layman’s terms. With a smirk, his eyes lightened, “Miss, I think I can steer you in the right direction. This is the city of the Silver Serpent, is it not”. 

With a skip in her step, Khaleesi set out for the next town to query. The gentleman had been most helpful shining a light in the direction that might bring answers. As she closed the door to the shop, there sat a cat, just waiting. Khaleesi paused a moment, stroking the soft fur, thinking of Shar’Lee and set off on her mission. 

She scribbled a note to Frostmore, Vesper’s intelligence expert. It reads:

Frostmore, excuse my haste in forwarding these facts from Britannia’s own alchemist. I have found through this query for the ingredient needed to annihilate this plague, just might be right under our nose. I trust your objectivity and judgement. Please alert the commander, Alward and Admiral, Lochmor to supply vials for the transport of the silver serpent venom and ask that they oversee the guard in this maneuver. I trust they will supply all coordinates of the known locations the silver serpent habitat. Send word to Daniel Lightheart if you know of his whereabouts. I am unsure if this is the answer, but we must do all we can to bring this to an end. I long for the day when I can walk the streets of Vesper again in calm and respite, knowing that all is well in the world, with the friends and loved ones I enjoy. Be safe and give my warmest regards to everyone. 


Looking into Drogon’s eyes, she besought him to carry this missive with speed and caution. As she watched him take flight, summoning her horse, she continued on her mission of enlightenment. 

One evening that Dante Darkheart came into Vesper Joseph Frostmore stopped him to speak about things he had read in the Captains Log. 

Dante: What was the cargo? 
Joseph Frostmore: Poison, venom samples shipped by Sapphire Trading Company, and your seal was on the shipping order. 
*Dante looks down and frowns* 
*Fae slowly attempts to stand, clinging to the wall for support* 
*Dante looks back up* 
Joseph: Any reason you find poison so profitable? Because this venture was quite the opposite for you wasn’t it? 
Dante: I was working with a man named Victor Wulf in Serpents Hold to produce an anti-venom. He was the one who made the order. 
Joseph: Anti-venom, believable enough I guess except for one thing; for good or bad your shipment became wrecked here at Vesper. 
Dante: But how did a ship in Felucca get to Trammel? It certainly seems odd. 
Joseph: You play your part well Sir. 
Dante: Not just any Captain knows those routes. Is the Captain still alive? 
Joseph: It was your investment. 
Dante: I had no part in the end result if that is what you are insinuating. 
Joseph: You have done well to keep as far away from this from the start. 
Dante: Well I am here, and will help how I can. 
Joseph: You are, aren’t you. 
*Dante quirks his brow* 
Joseph: I will have to consult Khaleesi about how to deal with your amount of responsibility in this. For now, it seems you have enough plausible deniability 

Zoe: *quietly* Fae… sit down 
Fae: *glances at Zoe and slides back down to the ground* 
Zoe: *looks down and shakes her head* 
Zoe: On the bench Fae… 
Fae: *Shakes her head* 
Zoe: No what? 
Fae: I’m fine here… 
Zoe: Get off the cold ground an’ go sit on the bench er I’ll pick ya up if ya want a scene 
Dante to Joseph: Well I’m glad a cynic can see my innocence. That eases my mind greater than the fates of the people of this town. 
Joseph: Innocence? Not directly no, but your money trail leads to the ships manifest. Whether you manned the ores or not doesn’t really matter all that much. Buys you some time. For now intention doesn’t matter. 
Fae: *looks around then back to Zoe wearily* 
Zoe: *reaches down and takes Faes arm to help her up* 
Zoe: Up. 
Dante: *quirks brow* 
Dante: What proof do you have to make such insinuations that this was my intention? 
Joseph: Intention doesn’t matter. 
Dante: Then if it doesn’t then I hold you responsible. 
Joseph: If I drop a sword out of a window by accident and it kills a man, did I intend to kill him? Am I responsible? 
Fae: *Slowly stands again, a little unsteadily* 
Zoe: *quick glance between Frostmore and Dante* 
Dante: If I had been at the helm of the ship I could have stopped the ship from coming to these shores 
Fae: Only if he knew of it before it wrecked… 
Fae: *inches unsteadily to the bench* 
Joseph: My seal wasn’t on the contract. Find your Captain and see if he remembers me on the ship, or ask the many citizens of Vesper who will vouch for me till the end. Who will vouch for you Sir? 
Dante: My seal was on the contract to send venom to Serpents Hold in Felucca, once that ship left my docks the responsibility is on the Captain to make sure it made the delivery to the right port on the right day, and in the right condition as is left my port. 
Joseph: And you made sure you would be able to say that. You are good at your craft, but so am I. 
Zoe: *looks to Frostmore* Ya got any proof? 
Dante: I control what happens in my port alone, I do not control what happens on a ship I am not on or own. The ship even belonged to another shipping company as all my ships were busy with orders. 
Joseph: That doesn’t mean you can’t pay them, and you did pay them. 
Fae: *shivers and pulls her feet up, wrapping the cloak around herself completely* 
Dante: I absolutely paid them 
Zoe: *irritable sigh* 
Joseph: As I said, for now you have surrounded with enough deniability. 
—-((long break, Joseph wound up leaving. Zoe and Fae were getting ready to leave, Zoe gave scrolls to Fae))

Dante to Fae: Fae I will do all I can to help 
Fae: *takes the scrolls and glances up* 
Zoe: Or maybe ya done enough 
Dante: *frowns and sighs* 
Fae: How would venom cause this…? 
Dante: I wish I knew, but I am not an alchemist. 
Fae: *nods* 
Dante: I will send word to Dr Wulf. He was the one who requested the samples, I hope he will know more. 
Fae: I should get back to the house… 
Zoe: With Frostmore talkin’ like that…who in this town’s gonna take yer help? 
Dante: *frowns* 
Fae: *glances at Zoe* 
Zoe: Or believe whatever it is ya think ya learn? 
Fae: I’ll take anything right about now… 
Dante: I hope those that need it 
Zoe: *half shake of her head* 
Zoe: Fae go on home, I’m right behind ya 
Fae: *nods and recalls* 
Dante: I wish her the best of luck, I truly do. 
Zoe: *nods and takes out a runebook* 
Dante: If I learn more I will send word 
Zoe: *watches him a long moment* 
Dante: I understand the anger and frustration 
Zoe: Right… 
Zoe: Do ya? 
Dante: but pointing the blame at me is inefficient at dealing with the problem at hand, particularly when I wasn’t at the helm of the ship 
Zoe: I ain’t lookin’ t’ point blame, but if it turns out there’s some t’ be handed out… 
Dante: Well telling me not to help or doubting my help certainly makes it seem that way 
Zoe: Just tellin’ ya the truth. Ya heard ‘im same as I did. 
Dante: That is a truth from a certain point of view, also known as an opinion. 
Zoe: His matters ‘round here. Just preparin’ ya. Folks ‘re gonna look at ya sideways now just on ‘is say so. Anyways, I need t’ get t’ Fae 
Dante: Well that is unfortunate for those that take his opinion as fact. 
Zoe: Folks ‘re gonna. Prepare for it. 
Dante: I will 
Zoe: *nods* 
Dante: Again I am sorry for my part in all this, I wish it could have happened differently. 
Zoe: *looks to the book and turns a page, then looks to him* 
Zoe: If anythin’ happens t’ Fae I might have trouble givin’ a damn how sorry, but for now… *nods* 
Dante: Your blame is misplaced.

Daniel did all he could to make his patients feel comfortable. He felt wracked with guilt that he could not do more. He had sent word to Victor Wulf three times with no reply. Daniel was amazed at the amount of herbs he was running through in a day. It seemed while his evening were filled with treating patients his days were spent gathering herbs for that evening. He toiled late into the nights working on stronger potions. He wish he has paid more attention in his potions class. He had primarily spent his efforts only setting bones and removing appendixes. Pathology was not his strong suit. He did what he could with what he had. Brock the Mage shivered. He was given a potion a of ginsing with a hint of sulfuric ash to keep him warm. Edwin the tailor wiped sweat from his brow. He was given a potion of garlic mixed with the dust from a crushed black pearl. Nelson the tinker held his stomach. He was given a potion of equal parts garlic and ginseng. Gordy the blacksmith vomited on the floor. He was given a pill of rolled up spider silk and soaked in a garlic potion. Renfry the weapon master moaned in pain. He was given a potion of alcohol and bloodmoss. He was desperate for word from Victor. 


*Flashback* Britannian Date: 50th day of January in the 370th year of our Lord British’s Reign. 24 days before the Vesper Bombings ((OOC:Real Time: December 7th two days before the Vesper Bombings)) *Flashback*

Victor worked to prepare for the arrival of his order from Red Fang Pointe. He knew once he had the samples he would be able to synthesize the properties of the venom. With the newly synthesized venom he would be able to make a new kind of poison and anti-venom. He would sell one or the other to either side of a war and profit off of both. 

Dan’tub burst into Britannian Herbs, Victor Wulf’s place of work. He threw an orcish machete and an orcish helm at Victor to distract him as the orc rushed Victor. Victor deflected the machete and helm to the floor as Dan’tub tackled him. Victor was knocked out with the handle of Dan’tub’s axe. Victor was thrown over Dan’tub’s shoulder and carried off. 

The helm and machete bare markings to those carried by the orcs of the Orc Mine in Trammel. They were left laying on the floor. 

Victor Wulf’s Alchemical Diary

 My work with the Silver Serpent Venom has proven to potent and volatile to make an effective poison and equal anti venom. I have been able to synthesize silver serpent venom but a sufficient anti venom continues to prove too toxic for any mere mortal to imbibe. 

However, I have found a serpent that lives just off the coast of Jhelom, the Red Fang Serpent. It isn’t any more or less deadly than other creatures of the giant serpent variety but it’s venom possesses properties different from other species of the giant serpent. These unique properties will allow it to bond with the venom of the silver serpent. I suspect the poison of the local wormwood trees is metabolized through the serpent’s liver and is then processed throughout its body. Oddly enough the serpent does not posses any poison glands. Instead just about every tissue of the Red Fang Serpent is poisonous, I believe because of this. 

I have sent word that I wish to order sample of the Red Fang Serpent’s venom from the man that owns and operates a small harbor out of none other than Red Fang Pointe. I was made aware of this man by my former Professor Magnus Singh. Apparently, Dr Singh now works for the Dante Darkheart the owner of Red Fang Pointe. 

I pray that I can sufficiently synthesize the venom from the Red Fang Pointe. The first small sample I received from Dr Singh did manage to produce a small dosage of very potent poison with which I was also able to produce a very viable dose of antivenom to counter it. After consulting my Pstanis Scale the venom of the Red Fang Serpent will be an idea choice to mix to produce an anti venom of the proper dosage. 

*Various notes that are indecipherable to a chemistry layman.* 

*A stain is left on the page making whatever notes illegible.* 

*continuation of notes that are indecipherable to a chemistry layman* 

*A diagram of a serpent autopsy* 

*more notes that are indecipherable to a chemistry layman. Strange doodles are in the margins* 

*Even more notes notes that are indecipherable to a chemistry layman* 

-Pstanis Scale- 

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, one being the least venomous. Silver Serpents would class at around a nine. The venom of a standard giant serpent has a Pstanis count of only seven. Though because it is a true venom it would affect a human with the potency of an eight. the Red Fang Serpent’s Venom is far more stable with its Pstanis rating of an eight and is actually able to maintain that toxicity when introduced to the blood stream. To make an effective anti venom the Pstanis rating should be around point five less than the venom that it is meant to counter when. Though in order to make an effective antivenom the venom meant to be counter must be mixed with a lesser poison. The Pstanis ratings of each should be averaged and that will be the approximate Pstanis rating of the antivenom. 

*A complex chart is drawn on the page and several points have been marked with different colored inks. The marks are ordered one through six. But again it is mostly unintelligible to a chemistry layman.* 

1 – Common Snake 
2 – Giant Spider 
3 – Giant Serpent 
4 – Black Widow 
5 – Red Fang Serpent 
6 – Silver Serpent 

32nd day of Nov 370 (RL Date 10am-12pm EST Feb 4th, 2014) 

Daniel Lighthart stepped off a passenger ship from Vesper onto the docks of Serpents Hold in Trammel. His frustration was growing with those that had appointed themselves to find a cure for this plague. He was no detective but he accepted and feared the limits of his knowledge. He knew he had to defer to a greater mind when it came to poisons. Particularly poisons that could inexplicably mutate into a plague. 

He ran into a familiar face Avalon Tarrins, she was there with Steven Astral. They exchanged common pleasantries for a bit before Daniel expressed his eagerness to move along and inspect the Herbalist Shop, Britannian Herbs. Steven and Avalon expressed interest in accompanying Daniel. Daniel did not protest their presence. Daniel walked into the shop only to find it in perfect order albeit unattended. He walked next door to the mage shop to ask about Victor Wulf. More surprising than the mage in the mage shop having never heard of a Victor Wulf was that the proprietor of the herbalist shop next door was visiting his friend the mage. Thus the owner of the herbalist was not missing. Perhaps the captains log found on the captain and patient zero was correct in that that the ship was meant to arrive in the Feluccan port of Serpents Hold. Daniel mentally cursed Nystul for making an exact copy of Felucca when he created Trammel and essentially making two of every city. How much time had been wasted over the years on travel between Trammel and Felucca due to similar confusion? More importantly, how could a ship get from Felucca to Trammel? These were still questions that plagued Daniel’s mind. 

Daniel had to return to his patients in Vesper and did not have the time to go to Felucca. Let alone the Serpents Hold of that facet. Luckily Steven and Avalon volunteered themselves to inspect the Britannian Herbs of Felucca. Daniel barely caught the ship before it left for Vesper. 

Upon his return he counted the inventory of the herbs that had been gathered. The herbs closer to Vesper were getting scarce. One had to keep venturing further and further away from the city to get the herbs needed to treat the patients. This was an unsustainable practice. A breakthrough was desperately needed. 

38th day of Nov 370 (RL Date 10pm-12am EST Feb 4th, 2014) 

Faeryl Tyr’athem shuffled through the doors of the healers of Vesper. Daniel showed her to a bed for her to at least sit and rest. She was one of his more promising patients. Daniel mixed some garlic and bloodmoss into a potion. It was only a treatment it wasn’t a cure. Faeryl took the potion with a grimace of pain across her face. Daniel went back to his work. He didn’t want to know more about her or her life. He feared she would be dead soon and he didn’t want to have to bare the pain of losing a friend. “An occupational hazard” he huffed to himself as he mashed and muddled herbs in his mortar. 

The doors to the healers opened again, this time for Steven and Avalon. They brought news that the Feluccan Britannian Herbs of Serpents Hold was indeed disheveled. An orcish machete and helm were presented to Daniel. Daniel scoffed at the offering mentioning he had no recipe for a potion that required orcish objects such as these. He asked if there were any journals or notebooks. Steven said they did not find any such things. But they did question some of the locals who all reported Victor being carried off by a white orc. Steven expressed a theory in which he thought he might know where Victor was being held. Daniel encouraged them to rush off at once to follow up on the lead. Steven and Avalon set out for the Orc Mine. Daniel went back to his work checking notes on previous plagues.

Victor Wulf finished his work on more of the barrels of explosives for the orcs and was brought back to his cell. A new human man was in his cell. Victor didn’t bother asking this man for a name. Victor knew this man would be some orc’s meal soon. He wondered if he would be a meal soon himself or if his barrels of explosives were somehow keeping him alive. 

The Wet Wing, the ship that brought the plague to Trammel Vesper, had finally been brought back to the Sapphire Trade Company’s private dock at the Felucca Sea Market for repairs. Urzaeus, the Chief Manager of the Sapphire Trade Company, began his inspection of the ship. Days earlier Urzaeus had requested an audience with Dante Darkheart, the founder of the Naja Trade Company, to accompany him on the inspection to see what went wrong. Dante showed up shortly after Urzaeus began the inspection. Dante expressed his pleasure that the ship was able to be returned. Of course the condition of the ship was something was less than adequate. Not to mention the results of the horrific results of its recent voyage. Most of the damage seems to be due to it collison with the Vesper Docks. Luckily, due to its Gargish design most of the ship had been reinforced with steel that ran from bow to stern. In the center of the main deck where some of the excess cargo was strapped down with chains there were burn marks that outlined where the crates had been placed. The marks continued around all over the ship where metal met wood and most if not all the metal joined up in one intersection or another. The entire ship smelled sour like rotting nightshade and burnt hair. From what Urzaeus could tell the ship had been struck by lightning. Then the charge was carried to the crates which had been reinforced with tin along the edges by the chains. It seemed the venom may have been somehow effected by the blast of energy. 

Dante left leaving Urzaeus to clean up the mess. Dante climbed back onto his ship, the Ceini, and set sail for Red Fang Point. Upon his arrival he was presented with a message from Daniel Lighthart, the very man he was going to write. 

Dear Lord Darkheart, 

It is with good news that I write you today. We have finally found Victor Wulf and brought him back to safety. It seems he had been taken by orcs shortly after he placed his order for the venom. We have sent him back to his lab in Serpent’s Hold but he seems all to eager to only help with the promise of a profit. Unfortunately, being a simple healer myself I do not have much to give. You have stated on several occasions that you will do all you can to help. It is with humility that I feel I must call upon this promise for I feel Mr. Wulf lacks the morality to attend to this task with the urgency it deserves. Please help in whatever a manner you see fit. 

Daniel Lighthart 

Dante grumbled to himself. The healer was trying to get Dante to foot the bill for the cure. Still this was no time to be stingy. If he didn’t play his part right he could further damage his reputation. Dante was always meticulous about the maintenance of his reputation and it irked him that it had been tarnished as of late. Still there had to be a way to profit from this. If not monetarily, socially would be acceptable as well. Dante called for Dr Magnis Singh, the Headmaster of the Ophiophagus Foundation Orphanage, and former mentor to Victor Wulf. As an employee of the charitable wing of the Naja Trade company Dante asked Dr Singh to plead a case for the public interest of Vesper. And as an extra bonus eighteen million gold was offered to buy whatever formulas vaccines and anti venoms come out of his research. This was three times more than what Victor projected his profits would be. Of course the chest was in fact filled with another thirty two million in unmarked gold pieces for Victor’s silence. As an extra means of motivation Dante took a small vial of Red Fang Serpent venom and spoke the words “Corp Por” and charged the venom. The venom vaporized in the bottle. He placed it carefully in the chest and set a trigger to crack the bottle as soon as the chest is opened. 

Victor began work that morning on a fortified spider venom not at all related to curing the plague in Vesper. Avalon had not yet arrived and he doubted she would even be able to understand what he was working on to begin with. He was glad to get back to his usual routine. In all fairness Victor didn’t even know where to begin finding a cure for the plague. He had some theories about how the venom could have turned into a plague. Perhaps the venom was left out in the sun and fermented. Perhaps the cork used in the bottles contained a fungus that mixed all to well with the venom. Perhaps the plague didn’t even originate from the venom but rather from other food supplies on the ship. Any number of possibilities could have caused the wrong food to go bad only to incubate inside one of the sailors thus beginning the plague. These were bare full thoughts that passed through his untroubled mind as he extracted poison from a severed spider fang. 

Magnus arrived in Serpents Hold by ship. The chest was brought to the herbalist shop, Britannian Herbs, by a pair of careful deck hands that followed Magnus. At first Victor was pleased to see his old mentor. The two exchanged pleasantries for a moment but the size of the chest left on the floor soon became the elephant in the room. Before Magnus said anything Victor knew what it’s purpose was. The question was “How much?” “You know why I’m really here?” Asked Magnus rhetorically. Victor solemnly nodded. “Now is not the time for your shenanigans. There is a bigger plot at work and we cannot afford for you to ruin those plans. It is time to Strive for Unity” Ordered Magnus. 

“But how will I know where to even start? I don’t even have samples to work with” Victor protested. “Remember what I taught you;Trust thy. Brother” hinted Magnus with a smirk as he turned to walk out. Victor open the chest to a deep green cloud that burst into his face. Magnus turned around once more to face Victor. “I thought you might forget that Worthiness Precedes Reward. Lord Darkheart believes this is the motivation you require to do your duty.” Magnus stated before finally left. 

Victor ignored the gold and picked up pieces of the broken bottle. He soon began running tests on the vaporized droplets on the broken glass. It seemed the venom had been supercharged by the electricity of a lightning bolt. Now the question remained; what ingredients were needed to neutralize the plague? 

Dante sat in his office and penned a note to Daniel 

Dear Daniel Lighthart, 

I have sent a capable and meaningful messenger to plead our case to Mr Wulf. I have ensured luck will not be needed once Victor has spoken with the messenger I sent. Furthermore, I have placed a bid to purchase the resulting cure for this particular plague should he succeed. For me this is not a means to profit off your misery in any way. I believe if left to his own devices Victor would attempt to extort the victims and charge exorbitant fees for the cure. I have made this offer as a means to ensure those affected by this plague will be cured free of charge as I promised when I first learned about this horrific plague. 

Dante Darkheart

Victor had been racing the clock to find a cure for himself and by extension the people of Trammel Vesper. Victor paused frequently to cough. He was careful not to cough into the mixtures and solutions he had been working on. He had gone through 17 failed trials thus far. And his condition was only getting worse. He felt he was onto a promising potential cure. He drew a sample of his blood and mixed it with the his eighteenth formula. He observed the changes under his microscope. The results appeared to technically work but something didn’t seem quite right. Still he was running out of time. He injected an infected lab rat with the formula. The results appeared to work instantaneously but with a side effect of the reaction being incredibly painful to the rat. The lab rat contorted in pain and screeched for a few hours. All the while Victor worked on a way to diminish the side effect before testing it on himself. He supposed acidic juices of dates would help maintain the Anoth-Pstanis rating of the cure but dilute the emulsified lactic acid that caused the side effects. Victor checked his cupboards and cabinets for dates. He was all out. With time running out he injected himself with the cure hoping his human physiology would have a lessened reaction to the side effects. 
Urzaeus the owner of the Sapphire Trade Company walked in. Victor greeted Urzaeus and coughed as he worked on another possible formula using grapes as they were similar to dates. Mid pour Victor became wracked with pain. He demanded that Urzaeus watch over him and observe what ever side effects came about. Victor contorted on the floor of his lab for several minutes before passing out from the pain. His fever began to rise for a few minutes then dropped to normal. His body began to relax. Urzaeus made the notations as he was asked. A few hours later Victor awoke symptom free. 
Victor reviewed Urzaeus’ not so scientific notes. Victor sighed in relief as he checked himself for any latent symptoms. There were none. This was the cure. Victor rushed to write down the formula and method of mixture on a piece of parchment. He handed it to Urzaeus and told him of it’s importance. He warned Urzaeus that failure to deliver the formula would result in further tarnishing the Sapphire Trade Company’s record. Urzaeus let out a sullen growl as he walked out of the lab. 

Khaleesi – Sir Lighthart 
Daniel – *smiles* 
Khaleesi – I hope all is well 
Daniel – good to see you lady Khaleesi 
Khaleesi – and you, sir… I hope you bring good news 
Daniel – it has been some time since I’ve heard good news 
Khaleesi – *nods* I have had citizens asking as well. I’m not sure how to respond 
As they discussed they standing concerns Urzaeus walked through the doors of the healers hall. Both turned to look at the stranger. 
Urzaeus – I bring good news from Felucca, from Victor Wulf 
Urzaeus – I have a formula for.. Checks note Daniel Lighthart 

Daniel eagerly announced himself and took to formula. He immediately began skimming over the formula as if he forgot the normal social politeness of a conversation. 

Step 1: Plasteros 
Tribal berries – A chemical called Tritocyuli 
Spider silk – Used as a spreading agent 
Executioner’s Cap – Rich in Nitrogen, used to neutralize electrolysis process in this plague 
The Spider Silk and and the Executioner’s Cap are to be boiled in the Tribal Berry nectar for 45 minutes at no less than 102oC and not more than 105oC. The boiling will infuse the silk with the properties of the tribal berries and the Executioner’s Cap. After 45 minutes, remove the Spider Silk from the solution and lay out to dry. This new material is called Plasteros. 

Step 2: Hemokiseng 
Ginseng – An anti-oxidant 
Kirin brains – An electrolyte called Psytosyclo, its what dying people crave. 
Bloodmoss – An iron rich plant. 
All three should be muddled together in mortar and pestle until they create a bright reddish color with brown flecks from the ginseng. The consistency of the paste should be that of a mayonnaise. This material is called Hemokiseng 

Step 3: Glitercilic 
Unicorn ribs – A rare amino acid Glitergaligi is found in the fat deposits of the ribs. 
Garlic – An anti-oxidant 
Silver Serpent Venom – When distilled into Noxipan it will kill off the main bacterial infection caused by the plague 
The fat from the ribs should be stipped away and fried in a pan to liquify. Do not cut with an iron knife. Be sure the blade is made from either gold or bronze. If an iron knife is used the fat will spoil too quickly. The color of the liquefied fat should be a light frothy white. If an blade of iron is used the fat will liquify with curds and be an off white to almost yellowish froth. Crush several full cloves of garlic to pulp and extracting as much juice as you can. Use the pulp in the liquefied fat and also add the silver serpent venom at this time as well. Keep in a brass pot at a gentle boil. This liquid is called Glitercilic. 

Note the excess unicorn rin meat and garlic juice can be used to make a delicious meal. Do not add silver serpent venom at all. 

Step 4:Aquanoxi 
Nightshade – When distilled into Noxipin it will kill off lesser bacteria caused by a plague 
Sea serpent scales – the algae that grows on the side of the beast is used as a powerful neutralizing agent. 
Black pearl – When crushed it makes a viscous powder that 
Scape algae off scales. Pick berries off nightshade branches. Crush black pearl in mortar with nightshade berries and sea serpent algae. Consistency should be a loose paste with a granular texture. This material is called Aquanoxi 

Step 5: Pyrisfingu 
Luminescent fungi – A distillation of the enzymes in the fungi will use the discarded bacteria and grow in an iron and nitrogen rich environment thus reproducing the effects of the cure. 
++ Yeast – Used as an emulsifying agent 
Sulphuric ash – Used as a clotting agent 
Wear thick gloves when lighting Sulphuric Ash on fire in a small pestle. Add in the luminescent fungi and muddle in the flame. Mash until the flame goes out or until the consistency turns to a sticky ooze. The color should be a medium brown. knead the yeast into the ooze. This material is known as Pyrisfingu. 
Note: Try not to inhale the fumes. If you do sit down and drink a glass of milk before Nausea sets in. 

Step 6: Plashemonoxifinglic 
Cut the Plasteros into small 1” by 3” strips. Add Hemokiseng to the top of the the Plasteros and roll to the center creating half an ampule. Add the Aquanoxi to the bottom half the the Plasteros strip and roll to the center as well finishing the other half of the amplue. Coat the Plasteros ampule in Pyrisfingu. Then drop the ampoules into the boiling Glitercilic. Bring the gentle boil up to a rolling boil, approximately 130oC. Be sure not to let the contents boil over the cauldron. Allow ampules to melt into the Glitercilic to create the Plashemonoxifinglic. The solution should be a milky grey solution with a slight shimmer. It is to be administered by inoculation. The needle should not be made of steel or iron. Needle should be made of silver or platinum is preferred. 

This is the cure however there is a side effect that I can personally attest to. The side effect being several hours of extreme pain and convulsions. I passed out from the pain myself. Afterwhich, the fever should break and the symptoms will subside. 

I have not had the chance to test but I have strong evidence to theorize that adding date juice to the Glitercilic as it is boiling will lessen the painful side effects without diluting the effects of the cure. 
Dates – Emulsified lactic acid – optional to slow the painful side effects caused by the excess lactic acid build up. 
Mash dates into a juice and mix into the Glitercilic as it is boiling.

Khaleesi had been talking the entire time not realizing Daniel was not paying attention to her. He was too enamoured with the ingredients. He sighed in relief after he finished glancing over the list. He looked up and tried to figured what he had been ignoring. He honestly felt bad. He told her he needed to consult his books to make a list of the ingredients needed and the best locations to gather those ingredients.. He told her a veritable army would be needed to gather the amounts of the ingredient needed. They decided to reconvene the next evening. Khaleesi left the Healer’s hall and Daniel to his studies.
Shouts and metal clanging were heard down one of the mines shafts. It was Avalon and Steven who had fought their way into the mine and were now being chased by an angry mob of orcs. They ran right past his cell several times in a feeble attempt to thin the herd. Had they just stood their ground they could have easily dealt with the orcs already aware of their presence. Instead by running back and forth they only alerted more orcs to their location. Finally, Steven and Avalon noticed Victor’s cell. They quickly burst into Victor’s cell. Avalon tried to hold the cell doors shut against the small horde of orcs pressing themselves against the bars. Steven slashed his sword breaking Victor’s chains releasing him. Just then the doors flew open Avalon being cast aside as the orcs rushed Steven and Victor. Avalon was knocked unconscious during the scuffle. This time Steven and Avalon were cornered and could not run and attract more orcs. Victor fought off the orcs as best as he could but he was weak. He too fell unconscious around the time Avalon came to. Victor was thrown over Steven’s horse as the dust settled. They hurried for the mine entrance so they could leave. Victor regained consciousness as the left the mine. Steven launched into questioning who Victor was as they had not had moment to be properly introduced. Victor made a snide remark that he would be Queen Dawn so long as it got him out of that mine. Neither Avalon nor Steven curled a smile. Victor rolled his eyes and plainly stated that yes he was indeed Victor Wulf. Still not fully knowing why he was being rescued by Steven and Avalon let alone who they where he followed them on their way to the Yew Moongate. Upon reaching the Yew Moongate they passed onto the Minoc/Vesper Moongate and walked the rest of the way back to the Vesper Healers. 

Faeryl asked Daniel if she would die. Daniel almost too tired to consider his bedside manner honestly answered yes. He caught himself too late and quickly apologized for his candor. Upon Victor’s arrival at the healers Daniel was relieved to see the new face claiming to be Victor Wulf. Daniel explained to Victor that a shipment of venom meant for Victor ended up crashing into the Vesper docks and on the wrong facet no less. And then coincidentally a plague hits the populace days later. Daniel expressed his hope that. Victor would be able to help. Daniel’s relief and hope was soon crushed when the first terms out of Victor’s mouth were regarding compensation. Avalon offered Victor the gold she had on her; 716gp. Victor gladly accepted the gold all the while scoffing at the paltry amount. Steven even offered a 100.000gp reward for Victors help. Victor claimed the antivenom he was working on was going to be worth millions. Daniel scrambled for Dante Darkheart’s contact information. Daniel grew frustrated and shouted at Victor. Victor eventually agreed to help but made sure to note that his expertise was in potions, poisons, and anti venoms. Not Plagues. Victor requested to be brought back to his lab in Serpents Hold. Avalon accompanied him as a means to keep him focused. 

After arriving to his lab Victor grabbed a broom and began cleaning the mess and salvaging what he could of his equipment. The hour grew late. He convinced Avalon that he needed rest. The request seemed reasonable after Avalon considered what he had been through today.

Molly wrote:
She had spent many days with the pixies, pouring over the book of potions to see if there was anything else to help with the illness the people of Vesper are suffering with. She had come across a potion recipe that looked promising. Making a large batch and crating it up she left Ilshenar for Vesper.Arriving in Vesper she sought out her friend Quackenbush or the Mayor, Khaleesi. She wondered if the polices she left the week before were of any help and the elven potions she had left with the healers were working to ease the pain of the patients. She found no one in the square by the bank but she took to the streets to find someone who might know where to find Quackenbush. Khaleesi was not at home either. Molly decided she would wait once she exhausted her search of the streets. She took a room at the Inn so she did not have to travel with the crate of cures, they were heavy and would prove to be very valuable if they worked and she didn’t want them to “disappear”.

She looked down to discover a cat following her around. One of the ingredients for the mixture is a rare red liquid extracted from fish. It makes her chuckle to think that she is attracting cats. She thinks about her friend Cat but grins because if it isn’t wine and cookies it would not interest her. She checks into the Inn and settles down with a good book until evening.

*prepares a quick note, and attaches it to Drogon’s neck with a red ribbon* “Fly away, my pet, see that Molly receives this before the setting of the sun”, Khaleesi whispers in her dragon’s ear and watches him ascend into the clouds. 

My dear Molly, 

Thank you for your kindness and willingness to help. We, the citizens of Vesper. welcome your presence this eve as we hunt for the ingredients for the formula acquired. Meet at Vesper bank at 9pm est this eve, Wed February 19th. 

Lady Khaleesi 

Frostmore nails a parchment to the door of the bank in Vesper hoping it would be the best place to be seen. It reads thusly,

“Citizens of Vesper, our plague is about to come to an end. Thanks to the hard work of Victor Wulf, and the generous benefactor Sir Dante Darkheart for providing the monetary motivation, as he personally assured me he would, to see this cure to fruition, we will finally see an end to this sickness. Tonight at 9pm eastern we need as many citizens and neighbors to come to the bank and help to gather the ingredients needed for the cure. I whole heartedly commend Sir Dante Darkheart for his outstanding generosity in aiding the sick citizens of Vesper with his deep coffers.”
“Lord Frostmore, Head of Vesper Intelligence”

Lady Khaleesi and Lord Joseph Frostmore had gathered a contingent of Vesperians that were determined to not lose another loved one or fellow citizen of Vesper. As soon as greetings had been exchanged Daniel Lighthart called everyone attention. He explained the threat they were up against and that the time had finally come to put an end to the plague. He had recently been delivered a formula for a cure. He already had many of the ingredients. But he explained that six ingredients still eluded his stores; Tribal Berries, Ki-Rin Brains, Unicorn Ribs, excellent Yeast, Executioner’s Caps, and finally Silver Serpent Venom. Earlier he had done his research and mapped out where to best acquire these ingredients while Khaleesi and Frostmore put out their call to arms. 

The first place Daniel sent the group was the Savage fort in the Lost Lands for Tribal Berries. 

Second came the Ki-Rin Brains and Unicorn Ribs obtained near the Shrine of Spirituality in Ilshenar. It was sad to see the majestic beasts give their lives for the noble cause but the group reluctantly pressed on. It wasn’t long after that Pixies began seeking revenge on the intruders attacking their fey kin. 


The next place they visited was the Orc Mine to harvest excellent samples of Yeast. Naturally much of their time was spent fending off the orcs that were protecting their home. 

After the Orc Mines they headed to the Dungeon of Shame for Executioner’s Caps harvested from the living mudpies that inhabited the elemental caves. 

The last location they went to was the forest just west of the Royal Gargish City in Ter Mur. There they were tasked with obtaining samples of Silver Serpent Venom. 

After each visit Daniel would gather the ingredients the group had gathered and made a tally. He had to be sure they had enough of the ingredients to make a viable cure. Once all the ingredients were gathered Daniel sincerely thanked everyone for their hard work and determination in gathering the ingredients to cure the plague. He left them to go back to his studies on the ingredients gathered. But honestly he was relieved to back in the relative safety of Vesper and just needed the rest from all the action. He was pleased that he was just one step away from actually curing the plague. 

Lord Darkheart called Chelsea Dagger and her gang into his office. He told them he need his thirty million back since the cure Victor developed was going to be handed out for free. He told them they should start by casing the Feluccan Serpent’s Hold Bank.

Meanwhile Daniel had the cure prepared and began administering it to his patients.

By the time Chelsea and the Wild Card gang got to Serpents Hold they had worked out their usual scheme. Anna Conda would distract the bankers with her juggling. Holly Day would stand back and be the lookout or if things went south she’d take care of them. Chelsea Dagger would use the distraction to her benefit as she would try to pick the lock of the chest she needed to get into.

However, their plan ran into a snag. There wasn’t nearly enough gold in the Vault assigned to Victor’s name.

Daniel continued inoculating the population of Vesper. More and more kept showing up.

The Wild Card gang returned to Lord Darkheart with nothing to show. They explained how Victor’s vault was nearly empty when they opened it. Lord Darkheart surmised that Victor was perhaps crafty enough to anticipate such actions. Lord Darkheart dismissed the Wild Cards and summoned his contact at the Jhelom Branch of Royal Britannian Bank.

Despite the practically overwhelming numbers of people showing up for the cure he did not notice Faeryl Tyr’athem, one of the first to be infected by the plague.

Saeldur received a note from Lord Darkheart to look into the transactions of Victor Wulf since receiving the thirty million. Saeldur rolled his eyes knowing he couldn’t look too deeply into those records without incriminating himself but that Lord Darkheart was the last man he needed to upset. He began pulling up his branches copies of the records.

An unusual being walked through the doors of the Healer’s hall, a wolf. It’s collar had a similar pendant to that of Faeryl’s necklace. So Daniel and some others decided to follow when the wolf lead them out the door.

Saeldur sat down with Lord Darkheart and explained that as a measure of precaution Victor had diversified his funds amongst several banks. Lord Darkheart growled. Saeldur went on to mention that Victor had also placed his money into Premium Tier Investor Accounts making the money practically impossible to get at without Victor scheduling a withdrawal a week in advance. But not all of Saeldur’s news was bad, he recommended that in the event of Victor’s death the money would be moved to standard accounts throughout the various banks until the beneficiary could be found. Lord Darkheart could not afford to send out the Wild Cards to multiple banks in such a short period of time. Their tactics would raise too much suspicion. If it were just from one bank it would be reasonable to just steal from one large vault. But with several banks being robbed while their bankers were distracted by a street performer would be easy to ID the criminals. Not to mention with only the vaults of Victor being robbed from several banks would easily show that he is the target which could point to motive. Other banks and other victims would have to be robbed not to mention multiple tactics for the heists would be useful as well for suspicious minds to not point their fingers at Lord Darkheart.

Daniel, Avalon, Dr Hawk, and Peter arrived at a home. The wolf they had been following let out a long howl before running off into the woods. The four looked at eachother wondering if this could be the home Faeryl took rest in. They knocked on the door without an answer.

Victor stepped out on the rooftop to get some air. The last few weeks had been taxing on him. Still he was pleased with his rewards. All the while he was unaware the Lord Darkheart, once known as the assassin the Crimson Shadow, lurked behind him ready to strike. Another series of events about to be set in motion.

Daniel opened the door hoping that their theory was correct and that Faeryl was resting in the home. They cautiously entered the home and looked around for signs of Faeryl.

Lord Darkheart silently pounced on Victor snapping his neck from behind and threw him head first into the ground below.

After a few minutes of searching the large house Peter and Daniel found Faeryl laying unconscious in bed. By all appearances Daniel supposed her to be in a kind of coma. He could only hope that giving her the cure would help her condition.

Lord Darkheart admired the grizzly beauty of the haphazard contortion Victor’s body had landed in.

Daniel rolled up Faeryl’s sleeve and gave her the injection. Peter became lightheaded at the sight of the needle piercing flesh. Daniel was only momentarily distracted as he finished the injection. The four watched for signs of recovery. None came immediately as Daniel expected with Faeryl’s condition being so far gone. He suggested that they leave her to rest for the night and that he would check back on her the following day.

Lord Darkheart slipped back into the shadows just as one of the instructors of the Serpent’s Hold Military School, Gavin Law, showed up to find the body.

To be Continued in A Stolen Heart…..


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