[IC News] The Lord Edwin Christianson Dead. The Order of the Black Rose Eradicated.

October 18, 2011 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Lord Christianson Dead. Assassins Guild Eradicated.

Distributed in periodicals throughout the realm of Trammel.

We have received word that Lord Edwin Christianson – an influential aristocrat hailing from the Ducal lands of Trinsic – has been murdered.

He and his daughter Charlotte – named representative to the High Council – had been attending the grave of his late wife when the two were ambushed. And while the circumstances remain unclear there is evidence of a struggle before his daughter was carried off.

Edwin’s corpse showed no signs of desecration when discovered. No ransom note. The sole clue left for investigators: an ornate clasp engraved with an onyx rose.

Through the combined efforts of several Britannian and Feluccan mercenaries; the kidnappers – called the Order of the Black Rose – were discovered and eradicated. And while the assassins were distracted, two men (James and Nicholas Tarrant) managed to force themselves into the lowest levels of the lair and rescue Charlotte.

She is recovering at Castle Britannia.

Those who have information or theories about the nature of her kidnapping are encouraged to contact the proper authorities. (Or respond below.)

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