[RP News] Silent Sojourn – Dying for Love.

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Silent Sojourn: Dying for Love

Word on the street is a marriage is coming, between Claudia Drusilla of Hearthfire, and the long lost brother of Elladan.

On Tuesday, people gathered at the Eternal Flame of Aino, to honor the fallen Uba Ptah Mun, whom some claim was murdered in cold blood at the hands of the vicious Dante of Magincia, and others who have fallen in the recent past. Leading the Silent Sojourn through the land, across the portal at the EM Hall and into Malas, Claudia and her retinue arrived at last to the Temple of Hearthfire, where she delivered a rousing speech “…to honor lost family and friends, and to allow our flames to dry your tears in the rapture of love.”

At this point, she led the procession in a tour through the recently reconstructed city, and announced her betrothal to the twin of Elladan.

I met this twin, called Elrohir, as I visited Luna earlier this week. Dressed in the accoutrements of a Ranger, and carrying an Elven Bow, he smelled of the outdoors, and could have passed for fraternal sibling if he wanted. He claims to have recently arrived by boat, having been separated from Elladan for decades. He seemed curious about his betrothed, and inquired if I knew her, to which I smirked, and replied I did.

– Nicholas Tarrant

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