[RP News] Rough Seas of Time – Part 1: Leeward. Event Continues Tonight at 7:00 PM PST.

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Rough Seas of Time Part 1: Leeward

Last night citizens gathered to hear Magdalena and Lynne tell the tale of Leeward and Eleutheria.

Apparently there have been Visions. Mediums of the realm haunted by the wails of the restless damned as the eve of Samhain approaches.

Wishing to put an end to these hauntings, and put to rest those troubled, the two women sent adventurers and ghost hunters out in search of the eponymous Captain.

The first clue came in Vesper: in the Fishermens Guild once headed by Van Cort. A log book from two decades before sat open on the table. Turned to October. And two suspicious entries sent investigators scattering in two directions.




“Captain R. Puffrock”

– Departed for Moonglow on the 8th.

– Cargo: *Scratched Out*

– Status: Restricted.

Erik Leeward

– Departed for Britain on the 18th.

– Cargo: Wine and Instruments.

– Status: Restricted.

Some went to Moonglow. Others took the more obvious path and followed the trail to Britain. There the aging harbormaster – in the company of a retired thug – revealed Leeward had often frequented the Pirates Plunder in Buccaneer’s Den.

Upon reaching the tavern – a den of debauchery and corruption equaled only by the Sea Witch – Emilia bribed a wench and was let into the back room. There would be another ledger containing information about Leeward and his whereabouts.

Captain Leeward

– 2 Casks of Admirals Rum

– 1 Emerald Necklace

– Amount Due: 3,425 Britannian Crowns

– Residence: ‘Glow

We searched the Isle – once called Moon – until we came upon a ruined shanty nestled amongst the woods near the Lycaeum.

Summoning Magdalena and Lynne, it was concluded that we had indeed discovered his home. His soul was there, but the barriers were still strong, and the Necromancer would not be able to raise him. Until tonight.

The investigation left several questions unanswered. How did Leeward die? What became of Eleutheria and Van Cort? Who is leaving the logs out? Are we the only ones searching?

We will find out. Tonight. The event continues at 7:00 PM PST / 10:00 EST at Leewards Hut.

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