[RP News] Negotiations With New Magincia. Addressed to the High Council.

September 23, 2011 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Negotiations with New Magincia
Dante Lamperouge
The note has been penned in an elegant script. Affixed is the Seal of New Magincia.

In our world it is tradition for the power hoping to entertain negotiations to send its recipient a formal notice. A statement of its intentions and a request for arrangements to be made. This has not happened. Instead we have received an open note and further bloodshed.

But as the High Council is a new power – one with an effeminate tin can draped in flourescent orange at its head – I suggest we move forward. For both our people.

It would be my honor to welcome High Councillor Fern Goodfellow-Tarrant to our Isle. I, Dante, Comte de Lamperouge, have been nominated as our ambassador.

As I am the host I will be deciding the rules.

Madam Goodfellow will be allowed three warships for her protection. As we have no fear of Britannian firepower we will accept this number of ships. But these are for her protection. Each ship is to be disarmed within sight of the Magincian Shore.

She will be allowed one assistant during the negotiation. I believe the Britannian High Councillors each have a pet of their own?

She will be housed with the Countess of Berg. It is appropriate, considering her husbands rather liquid citizenship, that she share the sheets with a fellow Britannian. I’m certain the two will get along …fabulously.

I expect the Golden Lady will be sending her heralds to discuss a date and time for the event.

Until then.

Dante Lamperouge

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