[RP News] Magincian Trading Co. [NMTC] Caravan Ambushed. Local Thugs hired to Murder Merchants.

November 12, 2011 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News, Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance

Magincian Trading Co. Ambushed

Word has reached us of a raid upon a Magincian Trading Co. [NMTC] Caravan last evening.

The Caravan managed to retreat to a defensible position while mercenaries associated with House Freelance and NMTC sparred with raiders. The organization suffered minimal losses in the ensuing melee. Note on the corpses indicate the men were thugs hired to promised a thousand gold for each head brought to their employer. No word on who might be responsible.

This comes right on the heels of the murder of a Magincian citizen.

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Lynne Zellinous and the Magincian Council are reported to be investigating the matter and consulting with allies.

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