[RP News] Magincian Council Response: Negotiations.

January 05, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News, Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance

Magincian Council Response: Negotiations
Dante of Magincia
No one would blame us for retaliating. No one would bat a lash if we eviscerated seven Britannians in exchange for the Magincians stolen from us. Fan the flames of war. Isn’t that right, Captain?

But we will not. Our negotiations will continue. You will not escape them so easily.

Aldritch, seed of Jenkins, was insane. He hoped to force a war between us. It is the House of Jenkins – not the Citizens of Britannia – that must bear the shame of her son. This matter will be investigated. And justice will be ours.

You will answer for this massacre. Don’t make us wait too long.

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