[RP News] Magic and Science: The Plague of Ter Mur

June 30, 2012 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Magic and Science: The Plague of Ter Mur


The Plague is spreading.

A wasting disease has claimed the lives of hundreds in the Holy Empire of Ter Mur, its effects beyond even the means of the most talented magicians to cure. The Lesser Daemons and their wingless pets are the most succeptible to the disease, which appears to have been carried on the backs of the refugees from Ter Mur.

Alchemists and Apothocaries are being requested in the Fishing Village. It seems it’s time we put the knowledge we learned under the Healer of Vesper to the test.

[OOC]: Found this on the EVI Forums. It might help those interested get started.

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