[RP News] Aeons of Malignance: Anarchism

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Aeons of Malignance: Anarchism

At the behest of Senator Goodfellow, the High Lords of Britannia held a public forum to discuss and debate the meaning of the recent riots and the incidence of anarchism that has ensued.

For those unaware, the past weeks have been filled with violence, as citizens and radicals disillusioned with the Britannian and Magincian governments have begun organizing violent protests and riots. The governments of both states have responded, in turn, with violence of their own. Though on the surface, the riots are an eclectic collection of those espousing socialist or anarchist values, some suspect something more sinister. Transhumanists and others showing evidence of mutation have been found amongst the radials, though it is unclear if the underground cults of Exodus or the Shadowlords are behind these uprisings.

Below are some of the major highlights of the discussion.

Senator Goodfellow chaired the event. In attendance was Councilors Elladan, Magdalena, Christianson and Wildstar. Ta’lin was late, and Fig was absent.

Silverbrook, representing the Isle of Magincia and the Cult of the Azure Dragon, was also in attendance.

Senator Goodfellow called for a truce between the warring powers and the independent states, suggesting that all band together to provide aid to the starving and the impoverished. The stores of Castle Britannia be thrown open and distributed to the common people as famine sweeps the realm.

Senator Goodfellow called for a drive to be held on Wednesday, February 15th, to distribute rations to the people of J’helom in Trammel.

Senator Goodfellow called for the mobilization of the Red Ankh, a multinational aid foundation, to distribute supplies and tend to the sick.

Senator Elladan seemed adverse to the suggestions of Goodfellow, declaring that his main interest was the maintenance of Trinsic. Another pointed out that he was elected to oversee and protect the realm of Britannia, not just one township, to which he responded “it is a large city.”

The Nameless One brought highlighted concerns over the nature of those instigating the riots and the potential connection to Exodus. His concerns were dismissed.

James brought attention to “Winged Overlords” that have declared a sort of martial law in Vesper.

Queen Shieba’s Alliance, the sovereign order of Virtue, pledged to oversee aid in Britain, while the Order of the Thorn pledged to defend Yew. Elladan pledged to Trinsic, and Dar to Skara Brae. Amber to Moonglow. The New Magincian Thieves Guild pledged to Old Magincia, while the New Magincian Parliament is pledged to New Magincia.

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