[RP-Event] The Storytellers of Drachenfels .

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The Storytellers of Drachenfels.

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Public notice at all prominent places in the cities Sosaria and in all taverns:
To all residents of Drachenfels! Hear ya, hear ya!
Every man and every woman is invited at Saturday 15th of February at 8pm (UTC +1) / 20:00 (MEZ) to come to the “Blue Chevalier” tavern (= Blue Knight) and listen to all kind of stories.
The tradition of storytelling will continue this year. And we will take care of your physical well-being at the tavern while doing this. Anyone who knows how to tell a good story is invited to share his or her experience to tell stories from his or her past. Be it a funny, sad or scary story, everyone is welcome and will be listened to!
Please sends a message if travel service is required, because the tavern is located off of the main roads and big cities.
*signed by a petite, squiggly signature* Kalifa Dal’Maris Landlady of the “Bleu Chevalier” tavern

Following the 1st Sosarian History Evening I would like to continue the tradition of storytelling. Dates will be published in the future, and the event may continue at regular intervals if we have a successful evening, probably also with special themes if desired.
The “Blue Chevalier” (Blue Knight) is a player tavern, located in a clearing in the jungle on the south coast of Trinsic, between the Shrine of Honor and the Cape of Heroes. It is also accessible via the Teleporter Hub of the Danish Knucklehads in New Magincia (also reachable through their Luna Gate house, south road Luna).
Just come visit us. Tell your story. Become part of a story – our story. I’m looking forward to meet you.

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