Royal Council Meeting

January 26, 2014 By: Rocko Napa Valley Category: Napa Valley News

Tonight’s Governor’s Meeting was well attended and full of interesting information presented by the Governors to Lord Blackthorn.

Lord Blackthorn began the meeting by announcing the winners of the fishing contest.  The winner for catching the biggest winter dragonfish is Nestor.  His fish weighed in at 94 stones and he was sponsored by Vesper.  Congratulations!  The winner in the big fish category is Cutbow with a HUGE weigh in at 199 stones.  Cutbow was sponsored by Skara Brae and congratulations to him as well.

The biggest surprise for the night came from Yew.  Governor Kirthag has decided to retire from her post.  The Royal Council will miss her and she was congratulated by the King for her service.

In other news:

The Governor of Vesper (yours truly) announced a jousting tourney and craft faire to be held in March.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.  Also in the works from Vesper a white net toss!  Stay tuned to Stratics for more info!

Osyn-Dal, Governor of Skara Brae announce plans for a level 6 map fest.  So far he has 25 maps ready to go.   Osyn-Dal will have more info forthcoming for us all.

Governor of Jhelom, Lady Rel Wis announced a +5SSI trade deal for her citizens.

Lord Governor Cephas announced plans for a chef contest to be held on February 22 at 1:30 PM.  He also kindly thanks Kirthag for her service.

Finally, King Blackthorn announced a fishing contest for February.  He then closed the meeting.

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