Rescuing The Ship

April 30, 2013 By: Odin Of Europa Category: Europa News

A group gathered at the throne room in Castle Blackthorn waiting for the King.
King Blackthorn: Greetings Citizens *Looks around the room*
I’m glad to see somany familair faces. Accomplished members of the Royal Guard. For tonight we have a somewhat…. delicate matter to attend to.
It has to do with the sultanata of Nujel’m. As you know, Nujel’m is under control of the Sultan and while we’ve had a reasonably good relationship so far….
I’ve recieved reports that he’s constructing ships at their harbour
Now, these ships could have a perfectly ligitmate reason
Or… it could be the Sultan is preparing for something….

You helped the Sultan collect Hydra’s you say? All the more reason for concern!
I would like you to go and have a look at these ships the Sultan is building. See if you can find out about their purpose. But! Be careful about it We don’t want to cause an incident if we don’t have to.

The King opened a gate for us to the harbour in Nujel’m, where we found the Sultan.

Sultan Kebur: Oh! Hello What are you all doing here? Invesitgating what?! These ships are mine.
We need the ships for water.. After all You had us take down the water treatment plant after the pork infection So we need much larger ships to carry the water..

Actually.. You may be able to help me. I have knowledge of a stranded vessel It would be a mighty fine addiiton to the Nujelm fleet. Would you help me get it? its stranded! The sea weed is all over.. Tis dusty Old.. Will you all come with me to this ship? I bet with us all we can rescue it. Its moored We have much work to do. I have a ship on Bald Island We can go there now And I will take you there I appreciate you coming along.
This will surprise you.. This ship really is stuck!

The Sultan then gates us to his ship on Bald Island.

Sultan Kebur: This is my personal boat This ship that we need to rescue is nearby Lets go
Here it is Everyone off! This… This is it! Isn’t it a beuty. This is big enough for LARGE amounts of water. Trouble is.. Its moored off And has been for some time..
It has an owner? Oh.. Well How could a goblin own an entire ship? Lets look for him.

Just then, someone spots a ship incoming from the south.

Sultan Kebur: ship incoming? Who else knows wer’e here?!
He’s firing his cannons! What a rude pirate!
The pirate ship is sailing! WE’RE SHOWING IT!
ITS COMING BACK!!!! DUCK!!!! OI! You stop firing those cannons!
Get off the crapper and lend a hand!
IM ON! Come out come out whereever you are
HA! Turn around you..
John has been tied up..
*wipes brow*
Nasty pirates Okay we have this boat under our control Well done! Its still afloat! Somehow The issue is.. This boat is still moored! What to do.. You think we can pull this out? With the two ships

Suddenly the owner of the ship appears.

Snox The Goblin: What’sss sthis noise all about then? And what are you all doing on my ship!?

Sultan Kebur: YOU are the Goblin?! Where have you been?! We have had cannon fire..

Snox The Goblin: Yesh, my name ish Shnox The Goblin And thish ish my ship!

Sultan Kebur: Why are you all out here? Alone.. On this big boat.

Snox The Goblin: *Face palms* You shee thoshe big rocksh?

Sultan Kebur: I did yes. They hold the boat in I assume?

Snox The Goblin: The ship ish shtuck!

Sultan Kebur: I can offer to fix that. And you can be set free. Wouldn’t you love that? To run around with other goblins..

Snox The Goblin: *Laughs manically* You musht be joking! Thish is my ship, my home!

Sultan Kebur: Let me make you an offer Goblin. *wispers into the goblins ears*

Snox The Goblin: *Leans in to listen*
*Jumps up in the air from joy* Oh yesh!

Sultan Kebur: Would you like that?

Snox The Goblin: I accept! Bye bye!

Sultan Kebur: Well.. He seemed to like my offer. Probably found another plae to hide..
I said we would return him to his family in the Underworld. Seems only fair. And in return.. We get to unfree this big ship.
I think we have had enough fighting for today though. How about you all return on Sunday to help me? *smiles widely*
I will have a plan for us then. I thank you for helping me today. Let me get you all home safely, and see you on Sunday!

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