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Reputation FAQ: Reputation

What is Reputation?

Reputation is the equivalent to Notoriety. However, it is equivalent in title only and its only in-game purpose is to judge how NPCs will react to your character. Other players can check your character’s Reputation in order to get an idea of your character’s past actions.
Things like high skills, questing, etc, will raise Fame. Things like generosity, thievery, etc., will alter Karma. Karma is positive and negative. Fame is only positive. Fame tends to decay away to 0. Karma will be what you can trade amongst yourselves.
This is so that we can have one scale for how NPCs see you as good or bad, and another for how well-known you are. Essentially, one becomes the role-play mechanism, the other the advancement mechanism.

What are the Reputation titles?

The titles can be found here.
What actions will lower Karma?

• Killing an innocent player in Felucca; the actual murder lowers your karma, but the count does not. (counting someone is optional)
• Killing blue NPCs
• Killing positive Karma creatures
• Casting helpful spells on monsters or evil NPCs
• Summoning Daemons (No, this does not apply to elementals)
• Stealing (of Monsters, Town crates or Players)
• Snooping
• Begging
• Using the Poisoning skill
• Casting helpful spells on characters with negative Karma
• Casting some necromancy spells
• Wearing “Masks of Orcish kin”
• Wearing tribal paint
• Wearing a “Cloak of Corruption”
• Summoning Imps (Spell weaving)

Will Karma lowering actions have caps for how low they can drop?

Being reported for a murder, and killing blue npc’s are the only actions that can bring you down to the -5 row of Karma. Actions like stealing, summoning daemons, necromancy, killing puppies, etc., all have negative Karma but won’t bring you down that far. The amount of Karma loss is related to your current Karma in the following way:

• If you are already below the cap, you won’t drop at all.
• If you are negative and close to the cap, you won’t drop much.
• If you are at 0, you’ll drop more.
• If you have high positive Karma, and you perform a negative Karma action, you’ll drop the most.

What actions will raise Karma?

• Killing evil NPCs
• Killing monsters (neutral creatures like wisps or the sphynx won’t raise or lower Karma)
• Killing aggressive animals (giant scorpions, giant spiders, alligators, etc.)
• Giving gold and items to good NPCs
• Casting helpful spells on characters with positive Karma

What actions will lower Fame?

• dying will lower your Fame by 10%
• it decays with time
• using the Sacrifice Virtue of the Virtue Icon on your paper doll (Sacrifice Fame for a self resurrection)

What actions will raise Fame?

• Killing PCs who have higher Fame than you
• Killing NPCs who have higher Fame than you
• Killing monsters that have higher Fame than you
• Killing animals that have higher Fame than you
• Completing NPC escort quests
• Rescuing prisoners
• Giving gold and items away to good NPCs generously.
• Filling bulk order deeds

Are there caps for gaining Fame and Karma?

All actions that earn Fame or Karma have caps. You have to perform deeds greater than your current Fame or Karma to raise them. So, if you’re used to raising your Fame by killing Daemons, you’ll gain slower and slower until eventually you won’t gain at all.

At what level of Reputation will professional titles be displayed?

At column 3 of Fame. See here for more info

What penalties exist for having low Karma?

Positive karma creatures like Unicorns or pixies will attack you on sight.

What rewards exist for having high Karma or Fame?

Certain skills give bonuses for having high or low Karma. Chivalry spells will become more potent as you raise your karma and necromancy spells will act the same with negative Karma.
Also when you reach the max level fame you will be granted a Lord or Lady title which will display on your paper doll and also on any item you may craft.

Can players give negative Karma points in order to lower the Karma of an abusive or annoying player?


Will I be able to see how many Reputation points I have?

Never exactly. You’ll be able to see your title on your paper doll.

If I can’t see my Karma and Fame points, how will I know when I gain or lose Karma and Fame?

A message will appear whenever you gain or lose Karma or Fame.

How many Reputation points does a newbie start with?


What part do the Virtues play in Reputation?

Sacrifice will grant you a self resurrection if you donate your fame to certain Monsters. More

Updated January 22, 2009
Lady Aalia

Last modified: March 28, 2011

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  1. Apologies and correction: left click, not right click.

  2. It is actually incorrect to say that you can never see how many reputation points you have, and only see the title on your paperdoll. If you right click your character and select “Loyalty Ratings” there is a numeric score for both karma and fame near the bottom.

    That’s probably something added well after this article was made, but I thought it would be helpful to point that out.


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