Reputation FAQ: Practical Application of Karma

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Reputation FAQ: Practical Application of Karma
Updated by Petra Fyde; May 2009


Practical Effects of Karma

In addition to determining your reputation title, karma has an influence in the effectiveness of the skills Chivalry and Necromancy.


The potency of almost all chivalry spells is affected by the amount of karma possessed by the caster, the exception being ‘sacred journey’.


Spell cast Karma Effect
Close Wounds Increase in damage healed
Noble Sacrifice Increase in damage healed
Cleanse by Fire Reduced fire damage penalty
Remove Curse Increased success chance
Dispel Evil Increased success chance
Consecrate Weapon Increased Duration
Divine Fury Increased Duration
Enemy of One Increased Duration
Holy Light Increased damage


For the Necromancer’s art the requirement is negative karma. It may be advisable for an aspiring Necromancer to visit a shrine and use the context menu on the ankh to lock his/her karma. Locked karma can not raise, therefore preventing the monster hunting necromancer from being on a constant seesaw of karma gain from the monsters’ deaths and loss from casting his spells.


Spell cast Karma Effect
Summon Familiar
Shadow Wisp
increase in mana regeneration

Last modified: March 28, 2011

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