Reputation FAQ: NPCs, Pets, Summoned Creatures and Hirelings

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Reputation FAQ: NPCs, Pets, Summoned Creatures and Hirelings
Updated by Petra Fyde; May 2009


Non-Player Characters

NPCs highlight either yellow (Invulnerable), blue (good) or red (evil) Invulnerable npcs include merchants, skill trainers, and those employed by players through employment contracts, ie barkeeps and vendors. They can be interacted with through speech or context menu but cannot be harmed. Blue npcs include quest givers, gypsies, wandering healers and those employed by blue players through hiring for a fee. They can be harmed, doing so is a criminal act and, if attacked in a guard zone area, guards can be called on the attacker. Killing blue npcs causes a loss of karma but a gain in fame if your fame is lower than that of the npc. Aiding a blue npc, ie through an escort quest, gives a gain in karma and fame, if the value of the quest is less than your current karma/fame level Red npcs include brigands, priests of Mondain and those employed by red players through hiring for a fee. They can be harmed, there is no penalty for doing so. You may gain karma, if the npc’s karma is lower than yours and fame, if the npc’s fame is higher than yours.

Pets, Summons & Hirelings

Pets and hirelings possess the same notoriety as their masters or employers when commanded, added as a friend or transferred to another player.

Commandable summoned creatures also follow this rule, however uncontrolled summoned entitiies such as blade spirits, energy vortices and revenants do not. These summons highlight red.

Commanding a Pet, Summoned Creature or Hireling

Commanding a pet, summoned creature or hireling to attack sets you as its controller. The attack is treated exactly as if you had attacked directly and thus you are responsible for the attack. If you are in an area governed by the Felucca rule set and the target of the attack is an Innocent, both you and your pet will be flagged as Criminals and Aggressors. If the Innocent dies, you can be reported as a Murderer. If the target is a Criminal or Murderer, both you and your pet will be flagged as Aggressors. If the target is a monster you will gain both fame and karma.

The controller information for an attacking pet has a 2-minute timer. The timer is reset whenever the pet’s Aggressor flag is reset. Thus, if someone to whom the pet is not an Aggressor attacks the pet, the controller timer will not be reset.

Issuing the guard command sets you as the pet’s controller for the duration of the guarding plus an additional 2-minutes after the pet stops guarding. Pets can only be set to guard the person who gives the command, ie the pet’s owner or a person friended to the pet.


Last modified: March 28, 2011

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