Reputation FAQ: Guards and Town

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Reputation FAQ: Guards and Town

Are the teleporting, insta-kill guards still around?

How does guard summoning work?

Simply say “Guards” inside the game and a Guard will show if:

1. The Caller/Victim must be in a guard zone at the time of the crime. Running into a guard zone to summon guards after an attack will not work.
2. The caller must be in earshot of the Criminal.
3. The aggressor will recieve a message when they’ve been bad in guard zone. ‘Guards can now be called on you.’

What actions will summon guards in town?

Any action that flags a character as a Criminal. The guards must be called within 15 seconds after the crime is committed. Note that NPCs can call guards so sometimes it may seem that no one witnessed your crime but there is probably an NPC nearby.

What characters are restricted from town access?

Murderers are no longer killed on sight by the guards. Guards can be called to kill Murderers if they attack an innocent in town. If you’re a Murderer you will be able to enter town; however, shopkeepers will not trade with you (bank access is still allowed).

Can I attack other characters in town?

Any non-Innocent can be attacked in town without guard intervention. When attacked, characters are allowed to defend themselves against anyone who is flagged as an Aggressor to them.
Innocents can also be attacked in town but doing so will flag you as a Criminal (meaning guards can be called) and an Aggressor (to the Innocent). If the Innocent dies you can be reported as a Murderer.

What types of attacks will work in town?

All types of attacks work in town except for some spells. Note that the Area affect Spells and or Summons do not work in town.

Where are the Guards in Felucca Cities?

Because of the current event arch the guards in all faction towns in felucca have been released until the event is over.


Reputation FAQ: NPCs

Good NPCs will highlight in blue and their names will appear in blue. Evil NPCs will have either red names and highlight in red. And NPCs with yellow names are invulnerable and therefore cannot be killed.

Will killing NPCs increase my Murder Count?

No. Since Shopkeepers are now invulnerable they no can no longer be killed to give Murder counts.

What will happen if I kill a good NPC?

You will lose Karma but gain Fame if the NPC has higher Fame than you.

What will happen if I kill an evil NPC?

You will gain Karma if the NPC has both negative Karma (which makes him/her “evil”) and the NPC’s Karma is lower than yours. You will gain Fame if the NPC has higher Fame than you.

How will NPC quests work under the new system?

You will gain Karma for completing a quest if the Karma value of the quest is greater than your Karma. You will gain Fame if the Fame value of the quest is greater than your Fame.

Will attacking an NPC in town summon the guards?

Only if the NPC is good (blue).

Will stealing from NPCs in town summon the guards?

Yes, if you steal from a blue NPC and someone notices and calls the guards. You can steal from red NPCs in town without fear of guard intervention but don’t expect to see a lot of them in town as players will most likely kill them right away.

Updated January 22nd 2009
Lady Aalia

Last modified: March 28, 2011

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