Reputation FAQ: Bulk Orders

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Reputation FAQ: Bulk Orders
Updated by Petra Fyde; July, 2012. Information supplied by Basara

1. Take the point value of a BOD, and divide by 50 (round down).
2. Square that number.

That gives you the Fame a BOD gives.

The lowest BOD that gives fame are 20 count iron/cloth/leather normals, that give 1 point each. (1^2 = 1). Normal 10 & 15 counts are worth ZERO.

Exceptional is worth 200 points for smith, 100 points for tailor, so a 10 or 15 count exceptional weapon would be 16 points (210 or 225)/50, rounded down, is 4.
4^2 = 16.
The same level of BOD for a Tailor would only be worth 4 points (110 or 125)/50 (rounded down), then squared.

For special materials, Dull Copper is 200, and point values go up 50 each step. Tailor special leathers start at 50 for spined, also going up 50 per type.

Larges each have their own point values.

  • Polearm or Ringmail: 200 points
  • 6-part weapon or Chainmail: 300 points
  • Fencing (5-part): 350 points
  • Platemail: 400 points


  • 4-part: 300 points
  • 5-part: 400 points
  • 6-part: 500 points

So the most you’ll get from a Tailor BOD is 256 Fame (6-part Exceptional Barbed 20-count Large), while a Valorite exceptional 20-count Platemail Large would give 576.

Also note that, unlike fame from combat, there’s no diminishing returns – so a BOD worth 256 fame gives 256 fame, regardless if you’re fresh from sacrificing fame to the virtue, or at Glorious Lord already.

Last modified: July 29, 2012

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