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Negative Karma
The following table is mostly for those seeking the dark side through karma loss. If you wish to gain karma, don’t do these things. Only the lowest fame titles are given. If you want to reach Dread Lord, it is almost essential to gain your fame first then lose the karma.
Action 0 none -1 Rude -2 Unsavory -3 Scoundrel -4 Despicable -5 Outcast
Begging none none none none none none
Snooping little-none none none none none none
Killing “good” animals little-none none none none none none
Poisoning some some-little little-none none none none
Stealing lot lot-good good good-little little-none none
Summoning Daemons lot lot lot lot-some some-none none
Provoking NPC’s lot lot lot lot-good good-none none
Killing NPC’s lot lot lot lot lot-good good-none
Begging lowers karma at higher karma levels than are given here.
Good animals are dogs, cats, dolphins, horses, pack horses and llamas.
Snooping doesn’t require success to affect karma or a time delay. This makes it probably the quickest method to reduce karma from high positive levels.
Stealing, like snooping, doesn’t require success, although it does require a time delay. A low stealing skill can lower your karma quite quickly once snooping has done it’s work.
Provocation also requires a time delay but not success nor goods on the victim. It also causes greater losses to karma than most things thus making it one of the fastest routes to Despicable there is.
Karma from killing NPC’s is highly variable, although those with highest titles (nobles, guildmasters, seekers of adventure, and harbor masters) generally lower karma more than anything previously mentioned. Males seem to have a greater affect than females.
Killing PC’s can sometimes have profound affect on one’s Karma.  This is variable depending on one’s own karma as as compared to that of the victim’s. This may be the fastest method to drop karma, but it does cause a rise in the murder count.


Creatures that give negative Karma
Karma Level 0 – 2  

Karma Level 4

Karma Level 5

Karma Level Unknown

  • Dryad
  • Fire Rabbit
  • NPC Fighters like the Jhelom Figher Pit
  • *Note:
    Killing blue NPCs in a guard zone will get you guard whacked, so accept the escort quest and escort them outside the guard zone. It is safe to kill them there.


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