Re-Forging Returns to TC and Origin

January 25, 2012 By: Watchertoo Category: General News

Re-Forging Returns to TC and Origin

Kai Schober

25 Jan 2012 17:57:34 EST


We will bring back ReForging to Test Center and Origin today, along with the mandatory Classic Client patch 7.0.23 and Enhanced Client patch 4.0.23.

These are the additional Publish notes:

  • If you want to do normal runic crafting then be near a regular forge, if you want to use the Reforging Tool then you must be near a soul forge. To use the Re-Forging option of your runic tool you must have a minimum of 65 Imbuing skill. The higher your Imbuing skill the more options available to you.
  • Concentration and Focus were removed from the options of the ReForging tool

Please note, that you are not able to transfer characters from or to Origin until the Publish is on all shards.

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