Raider Attacks

February 07, 2012 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

There have been several reports of hostile raider attacks on many major cities including Trinsic and Jhelom.  Reports indicate that a group of raiders may have abducted the mayor of Jhelom.  Jhelom officials conducted an investigation on the abduction which revealed that the raiders may have come from or recently inhabited Trinsic.  Further investigation within the city of Trinsic seemed to have caused a rift between the two cities.

  Shortly after a small verbal confrontation between city officials in Trinsic raiders swarmed the city.  Other similar attacks have been reported throughout several other towns and cities.

 The motive for the attacks is unknown but the rift it has caused between some of the cities is very apparent.  Beware of any attacks near your home city and report all suspicious activity.  Defend yourself at all costs but town officials are asking that the raiders be taken alive and held in town jails for further questioning.

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