The Human Race

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NOTE: The following information is official documention for Mondain’s Legacy, as described by Electronic Arts. If you have written your own unofficial guide about the Human Race, please send it to UO Stratics at [email protected] for publication to our website.

The re-introduction of the Elves has brought to light special racial abilities that only the humans possess. These abilities will help the humans help defend their homeland of Sosaria from the twisted evil unleashed with Mondain’s Legacy.

Racial Abilities

  • Strong Back
  • Humans have an increased carrying capacity above what is determined by their strength. (+60)

  • Tough
  • Humans regenerate hit points faster than normal.

  • Workhorse
  • Humans have a better chance at finding more resources while gathering hides, ore and lumber. (and granite and sand)

  • Jack of All Trades
  • Humans have a basic ability in all skills, even untrained ones. (20 Base skill in every skill.)

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