The Gargoyle Race

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The Gargoyle Race

Gargoyle Background1

Ever since they played a central role in Ultima VI, Gargoyles have been considered a unique and compelling part of Ultima lore. Presented as community-minded and strongly principled, the Gargoyle race is powerful in both magic and combat, and is renowned for their superior craftsmanship, particularly with unusual materials.

In Ultima Online, the Gargoyles’ traditional lore will expand the player experience with new skills and talents including combat proficiency in throwing weapons, magical knowledge of the school of Mysticism, and the unsurpassed skill of Artificers that have mastered the art of Imbuing and unraveling magical items.

Gargoyles will be at the core of the Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss expansion and will allow the players to see the other side of Sosaria.

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Gargoyle Racial Abilities


  1. Flying

    • A Gargoyle’s powerful wings carry them over land as fast as a galloping horse and grant them access to special Gargoyle-only areas.
  2. Berserk

    • In situations of great danger, a Gargoyle’s natural ferocity will take over, granting speed and power. Once a gargoyle has lost 20% of his/her health, he/she gains 15% damage bonus and 3% SDI.This increases damage another increment for each 20% additional damage (maximum 60% damage bonus and 12% SDI).
  3. Master Artisan

    • A strong cultural emphasis on art and craftsmanship grants the Gargoyles an increased chance to imbue, enhance, and unravel magical items.
  4. Deadly Aim

    • All Gargoyles are trained from childhood in the skill of Throwing, giving them a basic competence with missile weapons. (20% base proficiency in Throwing)
  5. Mystic Insight

    • Gargoyles have an intuitive understanding of Mysticism, allowing them to cast basic Mysticism spells without further training. (30% base proficiency in Mysticism). They receive +2 Mana Regeneration which stacks with Meditation and Focus.
Gargoyle Items
Weapons Armor Shields Clothes

·Dual Short Axes

·Glass Sword

·Dread Sword

·Stone War Sword

·Gargish Talwar



·Dual Pointed Spear

·Gargish Dagger




·Disk Mace

·Glass Staff

·Serpentstone Staff


·(Smith’s Hammer)





·Soul Glaive


Arms, Tunic, Leggings, Kilt:





Earrings, Necklace (Armor):


·Small Plate Shield

·Gargish Kite Shield

·Large Plate Shield

·Large Stone Shield

·Gargish Wooden Shield

·Medium Plate Shield

·Gargish Order Shield

·Gargish Chaos Shield


·Gargish Robe

·Gargish Fancy Robe


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