The Elven Race

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NOTE: The following information is official documention for Mondain’s Legacy, as described by Electronic Arts. If you have written your own unofficial guide about the Elven Race, please send it to UO Stratics at [email protected] for publication to our website.



The Elves have always been a part of Sosaria, tied inexplicably to the health of the world itself. The ancient tales and the bards that sing them are definite about that fact. Elven beauty is renowned, elven valor unsurpassed, and elven artistry dazzling in its brilliance. The songs tell us, so it must be true.

There are skeptics, of course. There always are those who do not believe and cannot afford to acknowledge mysteries in their lives.

But the stories are true. The Elves do exist and serve as the caretakers of Sosaria, linked directly to the world itself, their health tied directly to that of the land. Perhaps not quite as beautiful, valorous and brilliant as legend tells us, but real nonetheless.

Racial Abilities

  • Night Sight
  • Elves always have the effect of a full strength Night Sight spell.

  • Infused with Magic
  • Elves have an increased energy resistance cap (+5). Elven players must still increase their actual resistances through normal means (i.e. through equipment and magical effects).

  • Knowledge of Nature
  • Elves receive an increase (a very noticeable one) to their chance of acquiring special resources such as colored ore when mining or special boards when lumberjacking.

  • Difficult to Track
  • Elves are more difficult to track than humans.

  • Perception
  • Elves gain an increased chance to passively detect hidden monsters and enemies. (Better than humans’ Jack of all Trades passive detect)

  • Wisdom
  • Elves receive a bonus (+20) to their maximum mana.


    Skin Hues and Hair Styles

    Elven skin tone is generally different than that of humans, and they tend to wear their hair in different styles.

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    2 Comments to “The Elven Race”

    1. This is UO, not Forgotten Realms (which are better off forgotten).. maybe next time R.A. Salvatore writes a book, he can try a little less plagurism with the plot.. besides the fact that the Dragonlance series was infinitely better anyways. Also, Drows using adamantium originates in AD&D (see Fiends Folio) not The Dark Elf Trilogy.. I suggest you do some further reading to get a clue about what you’re trying to talk about.

    2. You should make Highelves, Woodelves and Darkelves as different races (to chose ingame after creating the character) with different skincolor, weapons and armour (and skills). Darkelves could use Deamon and Balron leather armor and Adamantite ore for blacksmithing. You could also create dwarves that due to their great mining and crafting skills are able to create weapons and armor out of mithril.
      In R. A. Salvatore’s Dark Elf trilogy, the adamantite is the preferred material for drow weaponry.


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