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Role Playing 101

Lesson 4: Interacting With Others; by Galdrog, Edited by Xena Dragon
Now that you know a little more about role playing, and you might even have practiced it a bit. However, it will do you little good if you do not have an accepting group of friends that also roleplay along with you. This is the most important part of it all, what good is having a well developed character if you have no friends to interact with. This is crucial to your character’s development as well. On each ‘shard’ of UO there is probably several role playing groups that can be found, and each one has their own “personalities.”Find the role players on your shard, and learn where they usually meet, as having a consistant meeting place is important too. Usually role players can be found around player run towns and player run establishments.

Another very important thing to know is how to deal with ‘offensive’ players, those players that deliberately insult you to start a fight, or just for thier own sadistic pleasure. I personally have a high tolerance for offensive players, but many players do not, and I will try to list here on ways to deal with them.

Every Role player will eventually get the cocky remark: “Speak 90’s english, because this is the 90’s” or “Why U talk so stupid” or something to the effect that they do not like to deal with a role playing individual, and they think everyone should just act like they way they really are. These remark can be discouraging to the aspiring role player, but have faith. This kind of mentality is expected. Usually if you keep role playing to these types they will eventually go away frusterated. “Oh man, I can’t talk 2 u n e more.”

Then there is the truly offensive players that seriously try to hurt your feelings, or try to stir up negative emotions. If they break the agreement they made with OSI when they signed up, i.e. racial, sexual, or any type of biasing insults. Then report them to a GM during support hours, or if it’s not support hours, take a screen shot of your journal with the offending statements in it. (ALT -J by default) and send an email to [email protected] including the screenshot as an attachment. To take a screenshot either download a screen shot utility or ALT – PrntScrn.

If it is not this serious, then simply walk away from the individual, or put the offending player on your ingame ignore list.

PKs (Player Killers): Nearly impossible to interact or roleplay with. They usually travel in packs, and are very experienced in player vs player combat (PvP), roleplayers usually spend more time interacting with thier friends and are not very experienced in PvP. A friend of mine compared the mentality of PK’s to the aliens in the film Mars Attacks. They do not negotiate, they shoot first and ask questions later, literally. My ghost has been questioned a few times by PK’s. When you are PK’d you may be very upset, however OSI does not view PKing as an offensive behavior, and will not do anything about reports of PKing, unless the PKer in question has verbally offended or harrassed your ghost, or player prior to or after the murder.

I hope this clears some things up.

Last modified: April 3, 2011

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