Sifting Through Sand.

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This page copied from the news post by Drachenfels reporter, Frarc, for a more permanent record.

Sifting through sand.

We where traveling through the center of Ilshenar when we noticed a strange person at the entrance of the gargoyle city Ver Lor Reg.

It was Skip the provisioner.

“Greetings Traveler! Is it fine provisions you seek?

Then look no further!

For the modest fee of 1000 gold i will provide you with a usable sifting tray!

This sifting tray will no doubt allow you to uncover untold riches in the shifting sands of this desert!

Before you get too excited you should know these sands can be treacherous and sifting should be done with care!

Of most valuable interest are the antiquity fragments settled here from the recent catastrophe that befell the Juka and Meer.

You’d be wise to search only in this area, as it is where most of the debris is concentrated.

Happy Hunting!”

I gave Skip a 1000 gold to get me one of these sifting trays.

My friend Miracles and me started to shake some of the sand with the sifter.

But with disturbing the same some strange creature crawl from under it.

A Desert Scorpion

A Desert Rotworm

A Desert Bloodworm

These creature where not to hard to take care of but the paragon version are always a  bit faster and tougher foe to deal with then there normal cousins.

It took a while when we finally found one of these fragments in the sand.

Pazuzu joined us to look trough the sand.

Many of the sand creature where not happy with us sifting trough the sand.

But we found more of these antiquity pieces.

Some parts seem to fit together with other parts.

As a extra bonus for fighting the paragons i found a new chest.

After some time of finding enough pieces Miracles was be able to construct a complete piece.

And only a little later i was able to do the same.

Pazuzu then discovered a Juka tapestry.

These things looks very familiar.

It reminded me of the heirlooms the grave robbers stole!

Meer Heirlooms

Juka Heirlooms

I wonder if we should return these too to gain more loyalty to the Juka and Meer….

Or Maybe we could keep some of these for our self!?

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

Last modified: September 26, 2013

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