Named Escort Quests

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Named Escorts Quests

There are two quests to escort a specific, named individual.
Take the quest by double clicking the npc.


Quest Title Objective Location Reward
Kodar’s Rescue Escort Kodar out of his prison
Once only per character
Paroxysmus Palace a large bag of Treasure
Kodar will not be attacked by surrounding spawn as you escort him

Quest Title Objective Location Reward
Freedom! Escort Lenley The Snitch to safety
Once only per character
Sanctuary Lenley’s Favorite Sparkly
This quest is incredibly difficult to achieve due the the infrequent spawn of the subject and the fact that as soon as you approach all spawn in the area attacks him. There is evidence that it was completed by Maddux of Pacific.  Lenley is a ‘blue’ ratman


By Petra Fyde

Last modified: March 27, 2011

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