Monster Slay Group 7

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Monster Slay Quests

Group 7 level 6
These quests are suitable for advanced characters and require well honed combat skills

Take the quest by double clicking the npc. When you have killed the required number of the creatures designated in the quest a chime will be heard and a message reminding you to return to the npc who gave you the quest to collect your reward. This information can be checked through your quest log, accessible through your character’s paper doll.

Quest Title Objective Quest Givers Locations reward
A tale of a Tail Obtain 1 Abcess tail Cailla the Guard;

Vilo the Guard;

Drithen the Fierce



A bag of Treasure
A Feather in Yer Cap obtain 1Saliva’s Feather Cailla the Guard;

Vilo the Guard

Heartwood A bag of Treasure
Guile, Irk and Spite Slay 1 Guile,

1 Irk and 1 Spite 

Yorus the Tinker Ilshenar A Strongbox
New Leadership Slay 1 Serpents Fang High Executioner, 1 Tiger Claw Thief and 1 Dragons’s Flame Mage

in The Citadel

Elder Acob the Wise Heartwood; A Strongbox
Black Order Badges obtain 5 Serpent’s Fang Badges, 5 Tiger Claw Badges and 5 Dragon’s Flame Badges

in the Citadel

Sarakki the Notary Britain Castle Entrance A bag of Treasure
Plague Lord Slay 10 Plague Beast Spawn, 3 Plague Beasts and 1 Plague Beast Lord

In Paroxysmus Palace

Lorekeeper Nillaen the Keeper of Tradition;

Lorekeeper Oolua the keeper of Tradition



A large bag of Treasure
How Many Heads? Slay 3 Crystal Hydras

In the Prism of Light

Lorekeeper Ryal the keeper of Tradition;

Lorekeeper Rollarn the keeper of Tradition



A large bag of Treasure
Momento Obtain 1 resolves Bridle

from Red Death

Kia the Student Bedlam A large bag of Treasure

Prism safe



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Last modified: March 28, 2011

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