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Unfading Memories

Quest Overview
Description: Help the tortured artist

Starting Point: The Artist’s Guild, Britain

Items Required: 10,000gp (gold)

Time Required: 10-20 minutes.

Reward: Bleach

emilio Begin the quest by talking to Emilio the Tortured Artist in the Artist’s Guild in Britain, behind West Britain Bank. He is trying to paint a portrait but does not have the color he needs for the lady’s hair. He requests that you go to Prism of Light and bring back Prismatic Amber.
Travel to Nujelm to the Prism of Light taking with you 10,000gp in coins (not a check) You will need to purchase a ticket to enter the dungeon from Lefty the Ticket Seller.

Talk to Lefty and accept his quest then mark the gold as a quest item and talk to him again.

amber Descend the steps into the dungeon, open the doors hidden behind the curtain and follow the corridor to the end. Step into the left (west) hole. You will see the prismatic amber in the room, double click it to collect it for Emilio. Double click your ticket to leave the dungeon, then return to Emilio.
Emilio will thank you for the amber and complete his portrait, which he asks you to take to the lady herself, Thalia the Bride, in Nujelm.

Thalia then asks you to return to Emilio with a letter. Take the letter to Emilio to receive your reward, a bottle of bleach.


by Petra Fyde

Last modified: May 11, 2014

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