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Honest Beggar

Quest Overview
Description: Return the ring Evan the beggar has found to Regina the Noble at Britain Castle 

Starting Point: Outside the Blue Boar Inn, West Britain

Items Required: none

Time Required: 10-20 minutes.

Reward:Transparent Heart Earrings



evan Begin the quest by talking to Evan the Beggar just outside the Blue Boar, by the southern bridge to East Britain. He has found a ring, but when he tried to find the owner at Britain castle the guards turned him away. He asks you to attempt to find the owner for him. 

note: Do not be tempted to wear the ring or you will fail the quest

Take the ring to Regina the noble at Britain Castle. She will be impressed with the beggar’s honesty and ask you to return to him with a reward, a packet

Evan tells you that the contents of the packet, sapphire earrings, are actually for you, and that Regina is offering him a job.


by Petra Fyde

Last modified: May 11, 2014

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