Gathering Proof (Gathering Evidence)

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Gathering Proof (Human) or Gathering Evidence (Gargoyle)
By Petra Fyde

In the dungeons of Queen Zhah’s castle in Ter Mur you will find 2 quest giving guards, one human, one gargoyle. They are Prassel the Security Liason and Xeninlor the Security Advisor


The quest these two guards give have the same objective:

glittering_proof2 glittering_proof3

To achieve these objectives you must journey into the Abyss and seek out the leaders of  3 rebel factions. These leaders bear the title ‘Rouser’.   The rousers, when attacked, may summon something a little more sinister than the usual rising collosus, animated weapon or revenant. The Void Manifestation.

The outcast can be found in the locations marked with the yellow dot on the maps below

Ter Mur Entrance


Underworld Entrance


The Void Manifestation
void_manifestation When defeated gives


Void Crystals, as listed in the quest gump above.


The reward for this quest consist of a Fey Slayer weapon. A bow or soulglaive named Wind of Corruption and a shield named Resonant Shield of Vengeance



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