Fiddling Tobin the Tinkerer

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Floor Traps
Submitted by Darhon, September 2009. Edited by Petra Fyde.

It is at last possible for players to place floor traps! Here’s how.

First take the “Done in the name of Tinkering” quest from “Fiddling Tobin the Tinkerer”. You will find him in the underworld, at point no. 4 on the map.




To complete the quest you will need to locate goblin traps using the skill ‘detect hidden’, or you could just detect them by stepping on them (ouch!). The goblin traps can be found at the locations 1, 2 and 3 on the map. goblin trap
Location No. 1 Location No. 2 Location No. 3
trap 1 traps 2 traps 3


Lack of monster spawn makes location no. 3 the safest  in which to work. Having found your traps, use the ‘remove trap’ skill to disarm them. If successful you will obtain the floor trap components. 

The traditional, treasure hunter’s, work around of telekenisis and magic unlock are not an option in completing this quest. They do not work on the goblin traps.


Return to Tobin with the 5 requested floor trap components, he will reward you with an equal number of floor trap kits.

floor trap kitfloor trap kitfloor trap kitfloor trap kitfloor trap kit

Being human, Tobin has no loyalty to the gargoyle queen and therefore no loyalty is achieved through this quest.


Placing the traps requires tinkering skill

Last modified: March 28, 2011

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