Farmer Nash

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Farmer Nash’s Quest
By Petra Fyde, March 2010

Farmer Nash can be found on the Eastern outskirts of the Holy City, just south of the Tomb of Kings.Help him to find his pitchfork by pulling the weeds in his garden until you uncover it. (Pull weeds by double clicking them).


Farmer Nash Full Quest Text:
I hate to trouble you, but sometimes a problem needs a plow and sometimes it needs a sword.  I am good with a plow, but terrible with a sword. 

I have been plagued with a strange week for some time.  Every day I have to clean them out of my garden and carry them away with my pitchfork. Yesterday I was working there and*** well, I must have nodded off because when I woke my pitchfork was gone!

I have heard talk of thieves who seek treasure in the sacred tomb, but I really don’t think they took my pitchfork, if fact I think it just got lost in the weeds!

I would find it myself, but now that we are so close to the edge of the world, many wild creatures are lurking about and some might be hiding in these weeds. I’ve seen the creatures that have been roaming these parts recently and I fear for my life!  the problem is, if I don’t get my crop in the ground soon, we won’t make it through the winter.  Will you help?

As you pull up the weeds you will uncover the creatures that have instilled fear into the poor farmer. You will encounter:

When you find the pitchfork, mark it as a quest item and return to the farmer. Typical contents of the bag of treasure are pictured below, 10 gems in 2 piles of 5 and some magic items.

Nash's treasure

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