Agralem the Bladeweaver

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Agralem the Bladeweaver Quest
By Petra Fyde, January 2010


Agralem the Bladeweaver

Agralem is found in the company of the Artificers, close by the city’s soulforge.

city soulforge

He offers a simple ‘kill’ quest requiring the death of 10 Void Daemons. Any of the void creatures will count towards this quest. they are:

  • Korpre The building block from which the three ‘paths’ of void creatures evolve.
  • Anzuanord First of the survival path.
  • Relanord Second of the survival path.
  • Vasanord Third of the survival path.
  • Anlorzen First of the grouping path.
  • Anlorlem Second of the grouping path.
  • Anlorvaglem Third of the grouping path.
  • Betballem First of the killing path.
  • Ballem Second of the killing path.
  • Usagrelem Ballem Third of the killing path.
  • Ortanord A random evolution, belonging to none of the three paths.


The reward for this quest is a cyclone named Abyss Reaver


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