Exploring the Deep (Part 2)

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Exploring the Deep.

Part 2

I had one last look at the master tinker before I left and could only wonder where this adventure would take me.

Before I traveled to Ilshenar , I went home to be well prepared for going to the sorceress dungeon.

A few undead i can handle but i have to be very alert what else walks in the dungeon.

It would be wise to avoid a paragon balron when I am alone.

The shrine of Valor would be a good place to start my travels.

It would only a short walk to the southwest from here.

I checked one last time if I had everything before I stepped inside.


Dozens of undead attacked me as soon iIwalked in, I bashed my shield on them and cut them down with my sword but they just kept coming.

I had to keep moving and find these plans.

A paragon blood elemental blocked my way too the stairs, no time to fight him!

I ran passed him to a new level of the dungeon.

I had to run, dodge and fight at the same time, at moments like this I wished I was a tamer with a big dragon or a mystic with a colossus!

After a time I found myself in a big room with a table.


There was a strongbox on the table that i could not open, I was missing the key.

Five plates on the table and next to it a scroll.

I stared to read the scroll.


Magical reagents: Identification & Applications

*The scroll appears to be a lesson plan for some sort of magical study*

The identification and application  of magical reagents is an important skill for any studying apprentice of the Arcane Arts. Reagents can easily be identified occurring naturally within the world, and as such, being able to identify then as useful is an important skill. Just as a house of cards relies on each individual to support the greater structure, so do reagents support the wider application of magics. Each reagent has well known properties and documented uses that when combined with one another can produce hugely varying results. A keen understanding of those properties as well as the result of any combination thereof is essential to any apprentice wishing to advance beyond their current level. Test your knowledge of reagents identification by placing the correctly identified reagent on the plates. When each plate has to correct reagent placed on it, the Master Instructor will check your work.


I’m not a mage so my knowledge of reagents is not that great, only that what my aunt taught me long ago, and i normally don’t carry any of them with me.

Maybe if I looked around this place I cold find a few.

Not far from the table I noticed something that looked like Mandrake Root.


I picked the root up and looked further.

A little up-wards two strange looking creatures attacked me in a blocked passage.


I noticed a shiny item on the ground behind them so i had to kill them.

I picked up the Brimstone.


I could not find any more reagents on this side , maybe more where on the side that was blocked.

I had to go back up and find myself another way to the other side.

After some searching i found the other stairs down where I was welcomed by many more undead and a Balron.

I’m getting to old for this!

I fought my way trough them and notice a black pearl on one of the writing desks.


I kept looking and saw a vial of blood in a huge pentagram.


And inside what looked like a torture room I found a bone.


I found five reagents for five plates, it was time to go back to the other side.

I looked at the plates and I noticed a inscription on them.

I only had to read them and figure out to leave the right reagent on it.

The plate is inscribed:

The Blackened Orb, A Traveler’s Boon, It Is Never Undesired By Novice Or Master.

(Perfect Black Pearl)

Fire And Hate It Burns Any Who Touch It, Power So Vast Ageless And Warm.

(Bursting Brimstone)

Essence Of Life Given From Hate, Bottle It Up In A Flask Topped Tight.

(Bright Daemon Blood)

Root Sunk Deep The Tap Grows Strong, Man And Dragon Dug As One.

(Mighty Mandrake)

The Hidden White Frame Of The Living Warm, Cold And Frightened The Visage Seems Now.

(Burly Bone)


Every time I dropped a reagent on the plate I heard a click.


After the fifth reagent the Master Instructor did appear to check.


The instructor was some kind of Lich, he turn on me and I had to defend myself.

After killing him he dropped a key, this must have be the key of the strongbox on the table.


I used the key on the strongbox and opened it, I found some plans inside.


I had to take this plan to Cousteau Perron.

 She was very pleased when I gave her the plans.


I thanked her and looked at the note she gave me.



A Note from Cousteau Perron…

Now that you have done what i asked, I shall do what you ask of me. before you may continue your adventure you’ll need to collect the components of the suit. I have listed the components and whom you might seek to acquire them from below. Return to Hepler Paulson in the City of Trinsic when you’ve got everything!

Nictitating Lenses – Josef Skimmons, The Master Blacksmith at the Cutlass Smithing in Buccaneer’s Den will surely know how to craft such a thing.

Canvass Robe – Madeline Harte, Seamstress at the Adventurer’s Needle in Jhelom is well known for her prowess with a needle. If anyone can craft this for you, it is her.

Aqua Pendant – Zalia the Gemologist, in her craft few are better. She will surely be able to supply the pendant. She can be found at the Gypsy camp in Northeastern Ilshenar.

Boots of Ballast – Champ Huthwait, a seedy man to say the least but a fine cobbler. Seek him at the Adventurer’s Supply in Vesper.


I had no time to loose and seek out these four people.

I just have the feeling this adventure is far from over!

To Be Continued

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  1. Based upon your directions and map, it is the shrine of Valor you are referring to, although the Shrine of Honor is also in close proximity. From Honor, you would travel north to the dungeon.


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